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I just got the DVD set of the 1987 Teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon. I've noticed that the establishing shots, back grounds and extras on some episodes are in the same style as those in some episodes of The Real Ghostbusters. I know that American cartoons were out scoured to japan in those days. Did they ever "share" the same animation company? Here is an example I spliced together from a panning shot in the first episode,can't you just imagine this music playing? ... dex=5&t=0s
I suspect that since we're talking mid-80s then the primary overseas animation studios would have been Japan based TMS and Toei were two animation studios that could have worked on both series. I think Visual 80 and Studio Korumi did but I don't think they were ever in the end credits... maybe the storyboards included in the Time Life set would reveal some of the animation studios involved. Off the top of my head, I know that Toei for sure did RGB because they credited in the end credits by the Slimer & The RGB era of the show (and by the end of the series, it was done by Korean animation studios like A.C., Sei Young, Dong Yang and Sae Rom). I would guess logically some of TMNT '87's animation was done by a Japan studio like TMS and Toei and that's the source of some art being reused between the two.

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