By Gremer
Hi again!

So, I have absolutely decided against a full-size proton pack for now. I might work on getting the parts for one at some point, but I have too many obligations right now.

A Spirit pack it is. On Amazon, I came across a Rubie's pack for like $55. Is this any different than the Spirit pack for $70?

I have a few other questions that aren't about the proton packs, but I don't want to open a ton of other topics.

Rubie's/Spirit flight suits - Any good? They look pretty cheap to me.

Same question about the Ecto Goggles. They look decently accurate, but I don't have a critical eye. I'm just now getting into this kind of stuff.

I'm not really looking for amazing accuracy, I can't afford that. Just something that's good enough for display.
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By Kingpin
From my understanding (though I'm yet to see a video or photographs comparing the two), one of the biggest differences between the two is that the Rubies version of the Spirit Pack is apparently molded in black plastic, whereas the Spirit Pack is more of a brownish-grey.

The Ecto Goggles generally look good, though the black lense over the left eye is too short, and could do with extending.
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By DarkSpectre
As Ben pointed out, color is about the only difference. The Rubies one is slightly cheaper. The best advice is to upgrade it (repaint, add the correct fittings, ribbon cable, new electronics, and thrower) A little extra goes a long way with the these packs. Best of luck!
By tobycj
The goggles are pretty easy to mod and get looking half decent. Definitely give them a repaint at least.

The Rubies / Spirit flightsuits look pretty garbage from the pics I've seen online. You can pick up a second hand Nomex on ebay for probably about the same amount of money.

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