Many people have an intent to start learning skateboarding; however, they are afraid that it would take too much time. It is a long journey indeed and requires a lot of effort and time to be a pro skater. You can learn more about some outstanding pro skaters recently at SkateAdvisors.com. So now we will together dig deeper into some specific steps needed when you embark on this journey and calculate how much time, in reality, you have to spend on it.

What you have to learn in skateboarding?

Supposing you own a great dexterity and good physical health, your learning process will be a lot easier. In contrast, if you are not really good at keeping balance and poor physical health, you might have to spend more time practicing.

Therefore, in this case, we will suppose that you do have advantages in dexterity before learning skateboarding. You have taken part in some kinds of physical activities and sports before. We will base on this criterion to calculate the amount of time.

Learning the Basics

Now take a look at all very fundamental movements that you have to learn before learning tricks and check it out how much time they will take. The below amount of time for each movement is projected to learn them at a fundamental level. Apparently, if you want to master them, you have to spend much more time practicing.

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1. Balance- 10 Min

You can learn to keep balance by doing step by step. In the first place, place your skateboard on a smooth surface such as grass or rug. Then you will put your two feet on the deck over the bolts, trying to focus your body weight in the center of the skateboard. After that, you gradually transfer your body weight to your toe first and then the heel. Continue doing these steps repetitively.

2. Pushing- 30 Min

Many people when starting learning skateboarding tend to understate the importance of this movement. You probably can know how to push quite quickly but your pushings might not be really good. Therefore, you should spend more time practicing pushing to a high level. The most ideal method you can practice pushing is doing it everywhere with your skateboard.


3. Carving- 15 Min

When doing the pushings, you can start to raise your hindfoot to place on your board and let your skateboard continue to roll. After that, you lean towards your heel and that is when you are doing the carving.

4. Stopping- 5 Min

Stopping is indispensable in skateboarding. Basically, you can easily stop your skateboard by placing one of your feet on the surface and keep dragging until it really stops. What you should bear in mind when doing this is you have to bend your knees and focus your weight on the front foot. By doing this, you can keep balance better. There are also other ways to stop your skateboard. You can have a look at SkateAdvisors.

How Long Did That Take?

Basically, these very basic steps would take you about one hour. Just notice that within the amount of time, you do not master them but you basically know how to ride a board. After that, apparently, you have to be determined to keep practicing them to get improved. You will have to spend a lot of hours on each maneuver until you really feel comfy when doing it. You just need to keep practicing regularly and the most ideal way is to ride your board whenever you can.

How Long Do You Have To Spend On Learning Tricks?

There is no certain answer to this question because it will be influenced by many elements. It could depend on your physical ability, your dexterity, even the ability to deal with your fear and your frequency of practicing. However, you should not be demotivated by such things. The crucial thing is you can learn at a speed that makes you feel comfy enough and then exert yourself more when you are well-prepared.

Some Other Factors

Your Equipment

You can fasten your learning process by buying good quality skateboarding items. Thus, you should stay away from very low-priced items, especially the trucks and wheels. Newbies tend to disregard the magnitude of quality equipment and after that, they will be irritated by their poor quality ones.


The environment is also a determinant of your amount of learning time. For example, it is more challenging for you to stay balanced on a tough surface than the flat ones. One solution is that you should choose proper wheels, especially the size and their hardness.
For further details of how to choose wheels, you can go to SkateAdvisors

Detailed information of skateadvisors:
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+ Phone: (1) 646-707-4551
+ SkateAdvisors on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIfCRcFQVBpDPd_pUrcZasw/about
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