I just received my hat lights, and they look great, but I found that the new milky white ones don't screw all the way down into the socket the way the old opaque white one does. When I tighten it all the way, there's maybe a 1/16 inch gap between the lens and the socket/ wand surface. All hat lights and sockets came from GBfans. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Just checked it, and the thread pitch on the milky ones is slightly different than on the opaque white ones and orange ones, causing the thread to bind before it reaches the bottom. Using a thread file, I confirmed the difference and made the milky one fit.
I had a similar problem with all three colors, the milky white, orange and white ones. I had to file the threads down for them to fit all the way into the sockets. The 3 colors I have were all from the most recent runs.
For my hat lights, the white ones I had previously ordered and the new orange ones all had a thread pitch of 1.0, so they all have 1 mm space between individual threads. 1.0 seems to fit the sockets properly. I don't have a thread gauge to precisely measure it, but none of my milky ones quite fit the 1.0 portion of a thread repair file, so they have a slightly different thread pitch. It's just close enough to allow the lights to screw into a socket with 1 mm threads most of the way, but the thread eventually binds and locks up before it goes in all the way. Spending just a minute on the hat light thread with a 1.0 thread file fixes it. I wonder if the manufacturer also has sockets that perfectly fit this light, or if they just made a mistake in creating the light bases.

Luckily, only the one had to be filed, so it wasn't much trouble. They do look great though.
I bought some of these Milky White Hat Lights from the shop for a few builds and the few I test fitted worked perfectly in the sockets I have including the Orange and white which those were purchased this past year but the sockets i'm using aren't from the shop, they're from a eBay lot I purchase last year.
I don't have any sockets from the shop to compare the two but the vintage sockets I have they fit perfectly.
I am not sure what the issue is. They appear to be the same pitch to me, but perhaps the threads are just a little fatter?

I will bring this up to Sloan. It is interesting that they work well in older sockets, bind in newer ones. It appears just a light filing is all they need. It is possible the castings are just a bit sloppy.
I don't know if my sockets are considered the old ones, but I had no problem with these milky hat lights screwing all the way down into the socket. I want to say that I bought mine in 2012? Are those considered the older sockets? BTW, these milky hat lights look absolutely amazing. It makes such a difference to my thrower.
By abaka
For a novice. What needs to be done to fix these for the sockets??? I’m due to get mine tomorrow and needing to figure out what to do if they don’t fit my socket.

What tool is needed to purchase and what are the steps involved to use the tool to fix the problem. Bear in mind I really am a bit of an idiot with these things and would probably need an idiot guide lol
I have sent a sampling of hat lights back to Sloan for their testing.

We'll find out what is wrong exactly and then hopefully be able to offer up replacements and exchanges for the affected ones. Not everyone will be affected since they appear to work on some of the sockets we have sold, be they modern or vintage ones we don't know.

Of course if you don't use sockets, you aren't affected at all.

I'll keep this thread updated.
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By AJ Quick
Hey all.

Sloan has re-made the hat lights so they are now well fitting in the sockets.

If you have a milky white that does not seat all the way down into the socket, I will be offering a swap soon. This of course does not affect you if you are not using the sockets.
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