shodanmark wrote:There are still plenty on eBay. Looks like they made too many as the scalpers aren't able to shift 'em!
But as long as they sold all of Their stock to the scalpers, it would be a complete sell-through.

Doctor Venkman wrote:
Massacci wrote:So does Mattel plan on doing any more 1:1 GB props? Sorry if this question was already answered.
Yes, they do. The next one will be announced at SDCC.
Awesome. Thanks very much for the info.
As we're gearing up for Ghostbusters Afterlife and a new series of 6" figures it's hard for me to believe it's been 10 years since Mattel debuted their first line of GB figures and we're getting close to 10 years since the PKE meter debuted. I always feel like we're at risk of Ghostbusters figures going away but after 10 years things have not slowed down.
Hi All,

I'm new to GBFans and not sure which PKE thread is best for this request, but I'll give this one a try: I wonder if anyone with a Mattel PKE would be willing to post or send me a close-up picture of the back of the handle. I'm interested in comparing the alphanumerics etched on the back with one I saw recently. It had a 4 or 5-digit number followed by"SJ." Do others have something similar?

I'm related, by marriage, to Brent Scrivner, who originally created the PKE meter in the 1980s. I'm doing research into the history of the prop, and I'm trying to compare all details of the replica with pictures and other details I've been able to find of the originals. At this point, I can't acquire multiple Matty PKEs myself to compare, so if anyone would be willing to share pics of their own, I'd be grateful!


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