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By back
So I got some of the parts in to replicate the new cable (What do you guys want to call it? Data Cable, Proton Charging Connection?).
The wire wrap was listed as Neon Yellow, but is to me...very normal yellow......almost like the ghost trap stripes. I may return this if I can find a truly neon version as alternative. The cable gland size is PG7, I got a variety pack and this seems to be the closest. The next size up PG9 seems too big. I still think there's some sort shrink wrap or rubber cap to the upper threads of the cable gland, I just used electrical tape as a concept. Let me know what you guys think. All this stuff comes in bulk pretty much so I might be able to offer kits at a cheap price to the community (Once I'm a supporting member of course :) )

Damn dude, you are OWNING this one Perfectly! As for the Yellow sleeve, did you look into Automotive stores for Heat-Resistant harness cozies? Ive been to more than a few 'Jelly Bean' competitions and those lowriders look just as good in the trunk as they do under the hood and Underneath... Not like there uncommon, just a thought though my friend :)
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By groschopf
That extension was visible in the test fire scene at the end of the international trailer. I actually wonder if it's a coupler to make it easier to disconnect a wand. They seem to be using the same idea on the gunner chair, except that one has the connector at the pack/hose end.
By Michael Scott
Oooh, what if it’s modular now and they can swap out the regular thrower with something else? That would be cool.

Or it could be that the part leading into the thrower is supposed to be tucked farther into the handle on the prop and the picture was taken showing something we weren’t supposed to see? Kind of like the bent ion knob and light bleeding through the power cell of Ray’s pack in the hotel.
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By AJ Quick
I love this thread!
The bargraph is (likely*) a new piece, with a taller transparent cover.

*I'm not sure they could easily source another bargraph idential to the one used on the Super Hero, and with the advance of electronics, they probably whipped up their own LED equivalent.
Also, maybe.. just maybe...

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