By Kennifus Prime
I have a true-spec khaki flight suit I purchased from GBFans a couple of years ago. It's been great, and still is, except I somehow popped the zipper and it broke one of the teeth in the chain. I took it too a tailor, but they couldn't repair it and said they couldn't find anywhere that sold a replacement zipper that size. I think it was 28"? I'd have to double check. Anyways, I'm trying to determine if it's even possible to replace the zipper as I'd rather not have to buy a whole new suit just because of a broken zipper. I've searched around Google, but no luck so far. Anyone have any experience with this or any alternative ideas (i.e. remove the zipper and add snap buttons?)?
By Paco
I feel your pain. I have a small flight suit for amigos in case they wanna rock a proton pack but the last guy who wore it broke the zipper. I posted it years ago and I still couldn't get any suggestions besides getting a new suit. I'd say go to a tailor (I live in San Diego so finding spots who specialize in military clothing is easy) and have them work on it.
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By Macktacular
I have a similar problem, I have a suit that just has one wonky tooth on the zipper. You can use pliers to remove and reattach it, but I'd try that as a last resort - since the tooth is already gone in your case, it probably couldn't hurt to take a same-sized tooth from another piece of junk clothing and try replacing it, or from the very bottom / top of the zipper. If you take the tooth from the bottom I'd recommend getting a needle and thread and sewing the bottom together a bit just to make sure your zipper doesn't start coming undone from down there. I just have to get the courage to try it myself first.

Paco, is yours missing teeth as well, or is it just jamming? If the latter, try rubbing a graphite pencil led over the teeth like you're shading a piece of paper. Graphite can act as a lubricant on zippers and can help you get over those bumps / holes that sometimes open up - a few zips & unzips and things should re-align.

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