Have you accumulated a huge Ghostbusters Collection? Talk about what you have and show it off!
By Pony
Been collecting for a while. This picture is a little old, I took it two week ago it shows 97 of my patches. As of mail call this morning I'm up to 109. I'm always looking to buy or trade if you don't see your group patch. I really need to get on framing these things. I'll update pics after I start framing.

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By Wolfie
toby88 wrote: September 25th, 2019, 9:29 am Anyone know the name of this FL GB group?

Would love to buy this patch.

Photo grabbed from Yes Have Some Ghost Corps Tour Video

That Florida/Universal patch above is actually I patch I made based off a friends art he did and wanted patches of. I have some 35th anniversary patches for sale but I personally dont have any extras of the one you have above. BUT Eric might. If you PM me I can get you in contact with him... I do have a couple of another Florida related one...

By Borzou
Have you joined the facebook group: Ghostbusters Patch and Pin? https://www.facebook.com/groups/GhostbustersPatchPin

If you're trying to join the page, make sure you answer the questions.


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