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By RedSpecial
If this is already known about, feel free to chime in.
I did search the forums for quite a while but I couldn't find any concrete information as to whether this had been identified or not.

for reference, I'm talking about the fitting here, connected to the yellow tubing underneath the banjo fitting.



Recently, I was lucky enough to come across a job lot of vintage and new old stock Clippard fittings including the following part.
Bear in mind that this one is new old stock and no where near as tarnished as the part attached to the screen used peddle is.
The knurling is a lot less pronounced in person, for some reason my camera makes it look deeper than it actually is.
It looks like same fitting to me, although I'm no authority on this so I'll let the real experts decide.

Unfortunately there are no identifying marks on it to pin it to a specific manufacturer.
I would say that since it was included along side clippard fittings that it could possibly be a clippard part itself but the lot also included some parts which were made by Legris, so who knows?
It could be made by either company, or another one entirely for all I know.




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By RedSpecial
Sorry for the late reply, I've been really busy this last couple of days.

The length of the knurling is 10mm ( 0.394 inch)

I've contacted Legris to see if they can identify it as one of their parts and maybe provide some more info on part numbers or the product name as the inner construction is a dead ringer for the vintage straights and banjos.

Whether they actually get back to me or are able to help is another thing but I'd bet if anything it's a Legris part.
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By RedSpecial
I can imagine, those tapered threads can be a real pain.

It was actually your trap build thread that I was reading when I noticed the part looked familiar and realised that it was the same part sitting in my parts drawer.
There's mention of it being a different part on the eleventh page of your thread but no specific name or part number that I could find anywhere.

Phenomenal build, by the way.
Your attention to detail is amazing.
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By noslliT
Thanks for the compliments red special. I’m redoing the pedal and adding a few new updates to the trap in the light of information that’s been revealed about the hero the past few years.

If we could only ID that black D sub (if that’s even what it is) on the pedal.
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By RedSpecial
Really looking forward to seeing those.

I'm with you on that one.
If only someone could get access to check it out properly.

It's such a difficult part to make out in the reference that it could be anything.
Who knows how it might have been modified to fit too.
The stock part could look quite different.

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