I'm building upon a 3D printed PKE shell that I picked up a while ago and am trying to make more accurate, (this means probably removing the enitre control panel section and redoing it)

Does anyone have any advice on what to use for the buttons on the face of the PKE. (I'm in the UK so Spirit stuff isn't that easy to get hold of. ) There seems to be a lot of people selling 3D printed or resin shells popping up on eBay and etsy, but I haven't found anybody mentioning how to install buttons for electronics other than some pretty ugly screen-inacurate 3D printed buttons.

I don't know if there are any comparable real-world components available. Here's my plan if I cannot find anything available off-the-shelf, but would be thrilled to be told there's a better option.

The slide toggle
My plan was to build from a piece of 5mm aluminum bar, attaching jump rings and fitingt over a standard slide switch.

The silver buttons.
They aren't really buttons, are they? I have some small tactile buttons that I can add caps to perhaps.

Any help would be much appreciated.
A tutorial for making low-tech touch sensor buttons:
https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to ... ne-Mosfet/

So the silver "buttons" could be made from bending some thicker gauge solid core wire to the appropriate shapes.

An even simpler momentary setup:
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Makes sense, as it means you don't need room inside for mechanical buttons. I might even be able to add the lower buttons into my 3D printed shell just by drilling some holes (whoever designed the print just left them out).

Getting some thicker solid core wire with the right colour doesn't look so simple (or cheap, the best I can find is vintage bell wire on eBay that's about £10 per meter!) so I've ordered some silver plated copper wire that's for jewellery making instead to see if that can work since it's really cheap and readily available.

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