Discuss the Ghostbusters movie that was released in 2016.
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By deadderek
I was just agreeing with him calm down.
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By Alphagaia
You are doing a little more then simply agreeing. On top of downvoting everyone who likes the movie you take the opportunity to give the movie a few more kicks in a thread meant to appreciate it. Maybe it should be you who has to calm down?

It's been three years, if I accept there are dislikers, you should accept there are fans of the movie. Be a little respectful in your response to fellow Ghostbusters fans instead?
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By deadderek
You're reading way too much in to it. I agreed with him.
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By SuperDuperCK
Can I get a link to that Ghostbusters movie. The all girl Ghostubsters movie is good. Would be better is if they stuck with the idea that both Ghostbusters teams would need to team up for the next round of ghost busting in a newer movie. Still might happen down the line one day or what not. :whatever:
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By Alphagaia
Some appreciation by Dan is always nice ofcourse.
CP: Your “Ghostbusters” reboot has taken a long time to come to the screen.

Aykroyd: (Original director) Ivan Reitman’s son Jason has written a beautiful script, I can’t say too much about it but it’s going to get made and hopefully there’ll be some familiar faces…. But I don’t want to discount the work that the girls did with Paul Feig. I kind of got mad, but I realized I should have blamed myself as a producer, the costs were out of control, I should have been watching as a producer a little more, but you don’t dispute with your director.

You hire a director, you trust a director, you trust their vision. But the job that (stars) Kate (McKinnon), and Kristen (Wiig), and Leslie (Jones) and Melissa (McCarthy) did and indeed Paul did on that movie was superior, or superb. We would have done another one but, again, the cost overruns prevented the studio from looking at it and doing another ladies’ movie….
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By ghost_girl
I ❤️ ATC. I say this as a fan of the original GB films. What I love about about ATC, is that women are the protagonists. I love that ATC gives an opportunity for little girls (and the little girl in me) a chance to transport into a fantasy of ghost-busting and saving the world, where they can not only observe, but identify. Of most import, to see a female superhero not of the spandex and high-heeled variety.

Even though there is criticism of the film, criticism is a part of movie making not unique to this movie. Every time I help a little girl try on a pack, I know ATC was worth it and good, despite its flaws.
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By SSJmole
It's a fantastic movie. Only negative for me is extended edition as some jokes they changed I preferred theatrical. But it's a great movie.
I've changed my opinion on this negative. Rewatched extended edition and I realised substituting some jokes for more plot actually makes me enjoy it more on rewatches , watched today and extended version actually has become my favourite way to watch as it is a better movie because of plot ect..
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