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By *NormalGamer*
vwgearhead wrote:In supergirl. "Livewire" when planing on how to capture her with a device. Supergirl says" its like the ghostbusters"
Saw that episode yesterday; didn't notice that. ^_^
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By Gloomdrifter
I searched but didn't see this mentioned, sorry if its a repeat.
Watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory the episode S3E17 "The Precious Fragmentation" the guys by a random box full of old stuff from a yard sale.

Leonard: Anyway, we followed the guy to this garage sale, and they had the coolest stuff.

Howard: They were closing up. We got this whole box for sixty bucks.

Leonard: We didn’t even get to go through it all. There could be anything in here.

Penny: There a new girlfriend in there? ‘Cause you might need one.

Leonard: No. But there is an original final draft Ghostbusters script with actual slime stains! (Raj whispers to Leonard) Oh, you’re right, it’s Ghostbusters 2. Never mind.
By elsoldao7
Just picked up the new Back to the Future comics from IDW. Check out the description for a used DeLorean in the newspaper add!
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By Hairy Biker
Finally saw Pixels and picked up multiple parallels between it and Ghostbusters which have been mentioned.
But theres a few not mentioned.

When Josh Gadd shows Sandler the video in his basement ontop of the TV are Super Fright Feature Spengler and Stantz and also in that scene behind Sandler you can see the RGB Dracula toy.

Something I also thought was a great little nod was Aykroyd wearing a little ghost pin in his scenes.
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By pyhasanon
I really enjoyed Pixels a lot... it's a shame that it's getting such a bad reputation over its reviews...
By GhstbstrLMLIII
The Back to the Future comic by IDW again comes through with a reference. In the most recent issue (#4), these two make an appearance in the background of the second story

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By pyhasanon
fearless-freak wrote:sci twi with a 'pke meter' in the third EG movie

That, and in one of the preview shorts for EG: The Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer used a colander head device to study Fluttershy's magic...
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By pyhasanon
My Little Pony has tons of pop culture references, I think the biggest ones (and most obvious) being Doctor Who and the Big Lebowski, because those characters are actually recurring, having appeared in several episodes, most notably in the 100th episode... I personally love the subtle Metal Gear Solid references in MLP...
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By Morfeusoneiros
pyhasanon wrote:My Little Pony has tons of pop culture references. I personally love the subtle Metal Gear Solid references in MLP...
That would be cool to see. Seems I might need to check out some MLP. Do you have any episodes to suggest?
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By *NormalGamer*
fearless-freak wrote:from Urusei Yatsura

Whoa. Never knew he was in this. That's pretty cool. ^_^
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By pyhasanon
I personally love the Future Twilight episode... hmmm... Season 2 Episode 20... it has some Escape from LA/NY, MGS and some Terminator references in it... the 2 episode season ender from Season 5 was a cool time travelling episode... and a couple of episodes before that there was a BTTF reference with Pinkie Pie dressed as Marty McFly...
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By pyhasanon
CPU64 wrote:One of my favorite ones in MLP is the pack startup sound used on a crystal heart emiter.
Hmmm... I haven't noticed that... Crystal Heart Emitter? What episode is that from?
By fearless-freak
pyhasanon wrote:
CPU64 wrote:One of my favorite ones in MLP is the pack startup sound used on a crystal heart emiter.
Hmmm... I haven't noticed that... Crystal Heart Emitter? What episode is that from?
season 3 episodes 1&2
By Alex Newborn
Yesterday I was logging in to AOL and it gave me some intermediate screen asking me to add more info to my account. I had already clicked "Maybe Later" to get to my Mailbox when a detail caught my eye. I tried to hit PrintScreen but it was too late, the page was already changing.

I've now tried to log out and log back in over twenty times but I've never seen the screen again.

It had two people on the right, one was a woman wearing a toboggan cap.

At the bottom, it asked you for a website and had in parentheses something like "Example: yourname@website.com"

Above that, the very last part that caught my eye... it asked for a phone number and said "Example: 555-2368".

Now, that number is not exclusive to Ghostbusters, it could have been a fan's reference to any number of TV shows or movies, but the fact that it was being seen by ME with just a fleeting glance, it felt pretty significant.

If any AOL users are on here, see if you can capture an image of that screen for me next time you see it.

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By SpaceBallz
Workaholics "Death of a Salesdude" (newer episode) the women take over the telemarketing jobs to sell feminine products. One male employees yells "You took Ghostbusters from us and now your taking our jobs!!!"
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