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By Hairy Biker
Spengler02 wrote:When Jane Lynch hosted SNL, she sang Glee's theme song (she supposedly wrote it), in which it was mentioned that Sue Sylvester (her character I'm guessing?) was created during a storm, when a lightning bolt struck. She appeared and the villagers asked, "Are you a god?", to which she answered "No." She also said "I'm Sue Sylvester" but I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be a reference to the Gozer scene.

Thats a bit of a stretch dude. By the same token Superman comics have referenced Ghostbusters when someone asks him if hes a god.
Still I havent seen the ep so u could be spot on.
By roguespectre
Does anyone remember the video game Connections? It was based on the show presented by James Burke. Anyway, at the end of the game he turns up in a Ghostbusters uniform with a proton pack to capture the villain. I remember it being quite cool at the time...
By LandoSystem
The discussion about the use / origin of the proton pack startup sound has already happened but I noticed it was used repeatedly in the movie Chappie.
By Ecto_1X
In the movie Aloha.. there's a scene when Cooper's character activates "Blue Raven".. where I heared a snippet of " Let's show this Prehistoric Bitch how we do things down town". I find it very fitting of how Bill Murray was also in the movie. I wasn't sure if anyone else in the theatre heard.. but I heard it like it was second nature.
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By Hairy Biker
There was gonna be a scene in Ted 2 where Mark Wahlburg lists of 57 80's surnames. This included Spengler, Venkman and Stantz.
It got cut from the film but he acted it out.on Graham Norton.
By Alex Newborn
I wasn't going to mention this one because it's about four years old and I figured it wasn't relevant anymore... but then there was a second neat connection so I decided to grab some frames.

These all come from an episode in the 8th season of NCIS entitled 'One Last Score'.

At first it was just this little exchange in the dialogue.




But then, I am pretty sure this is the same mansion in LA where they shot the mayor's residence for GB2! (Also used in Stripes.)




Pic from this well-researched page on SpookCentral:

http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/ ... ystone.htm

http://www.theraffon.net/~spookcentral/ ... ystone.htm

And if that's not enough, the woman they're escorting into the mansion is played by JoBeth Williams... but to me she'll forever be Diane Freeling from 1982's Poltergeist.

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By *NormalGamer*
gboy6 wrote:A PKE like device shows up in the new trailer for the latest My Little Pony Equestria Girls movie.
At about the 0:17 mark.

Heh, good ole Kylie Griffin. ^_^
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By Doctor Venkman
Kind of an interesting one... At my AMC Theatre this weekend I noticed a reference.

During the intro stuff about "silence your phones" they also had a "report any slimey or suspicious characters" and they had an animation of a ghost trap come out and suck the words down.
By portugueseGB
Saw PIXELS last night and I believe I've caught two obvious ghostbusters references:

Near the end, when the team that is going to save the Earth is about to jump into the unknown, Adam Sandler's character turns to his mate and says: "See you on the other side".

Also when the team's cars are entering manhattan island the aerial shot seems to show the exact same bridge and same city background as the one we saw with the Ecto-1 crossing the bridge after Ray and Winston talked about the apocalypse. Only it's completely night and not late sunset.
By Alex Newborn
I just found another reference to Ghostbusters by the NCIS character DiNozzo.


This comes from Season 10, Episode 3, "Phoenix".

In case you don't watch the show, DiNozzo is always comparing their situations to movies, frequently quoting the film dialogue at appropriate moments.

Little wonder that this character's performance on the gun range prompted him to say "Nice shootin', Tex."

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By Cornelius
Unless "Nice shootin', Tex" is not a reference to Ghostbusters, but was a direct reference to whichever movie or show Peter was referencing...
By Alex Newborn
I googled those three words prior to making the post. The only non-GB hit that I got referred to a cartoon TV show from 1982 that I'd never heard of.

Since DiNozzo does not usually reference obscure cartoons, only movies, I was comfortable sharing such a precise wording as a GB reference... especially since the Season 8 episode already established he knew what proton packs were.

By Alex Newborn
Okay, even I think this one is pretty iffy, especially with the word order reversed, but again since the character of DiNozzo is constantly referencing movies... shrug.

This is from Season 12, episode 8 "Semper Fortis". The character on the right is a US Park Police sergeant introduced several episodes earlier in the season.


As the Sgt. is dating one of DiNozzo's coworkers, there is a bit of wordplay here, as to whether it's business or personal, picking up of dropping off.

[I had to combine two frames into one. The subtitle at the bottom came from a different frame, looking over their blurred shoulders at other people in the squad room, so I combined it with the previous frame that shows the relevant characters from the front.]

Later in that same episode, DiNozzo also spouts a "These aren't the droids you're looking for" reference.

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By ghoulishfright
A bit of dialog from Witchtrap (1989) . . .
So what do you care? You like me even less than I like you, and I like you less than I like trench mouth.

Maybe so, but we need each other.

Speak for yourself, pal. I like girls.

You don't like anyone. Not even yourself. . . Just remember, I take shit from you only as long as you're worth it. You put up with me because QT was the only firm that would hire you as a detective after you left the force.

Detective?! Come on, Murphy, who the hell are you kidding? You're goin' up there to take on Casper the f*ckin' ghost. You don't need a detective, you need Bill Murray.
By zeta otaku
Today's TMNT had two quick references to GB2... in the head of the Stature of Liberty, we got a quick glimpse at the NES Advantage (not exact, but you know what it's supposed to be) and in the next shot, we see "Venkman was here" scribbled on the wall.
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By gamera1968
If anyone's seen the "new" Fantasic Four, there was a scene between Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom that almost made me roll my eyes (because the movie's pretty bad) but there was a line of dialogue between the two. (paraphrased)

(Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not)

Reed: "You don't have to do this Victor."

Victor: "There is no Victor. There is only Doom."
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By Gloomdrifter
Last weeks episode of Doctor Who "Under the Lake" involves ghosts. They made the obligatory reference of saying Ghostbusters when they were talking about getting help. Though it was said in a off handed way that didn't imply a direct reference to the movie, with subtitles on Ghostbusters was capitalized.
By Buster Of Ghosts
Radar wrote:
SNL has quite a history with the Ghostbusters.

In 1984 or 1985 Jim Belushi starred in a sketch called "The Ghostbusters Show" where he dressed up as a Ghostbuster and had two foreign-sounding female guests. He discussed his favorite scenes from the movie and asked the girls for their favorite parts. It was pretty short and reminded me of the segment where Adam Sandler has a show dedicated to his ex-girlfriend. ("The Christine Show"?)

About 10 years ago there was another SNL sketch with a guy wearing a Ghostbusters shirt. I think it was David Spade, if memory serves. He was a weirdo on some dating game show and Ellen Cleghorn had just won a date with him. She told him to go to some crime-ridden section of New York (I can't remember where exactly) and wait for her. In closing, she said "Make sure you bring that shirt, too!"

As I mentioned in a previous thread, there was also a "TV Funhouse" segment earlier this year that featured the RGB Winston. It was a cartoon that put together the token black characters from 80's cartoons.
As a kid in the 80’s, I vaguely remember seeing a sketch about Ghostbusters on SNL (though I didn't know what SNL was back then) back in 1986 or 1987. The characters were different and I only remember a stand-up act, nothing like in the movie. So I continued to watch it, all jokes were way over my head, and at the end of the sketch I was like "Is this another Ghostbuster movie?"

I also remember a reference to Ghostbusters on SNL in 1997 or 1998. The skit was acted out by Tim Meadows and he was a psychologist for one of his patients. He (Tim Meadows) then starts asking them if they are afraid of ghosts and at one point sings the line “Who you gonna call?”.
By Heroic35
Supernatural had a ghostbusters reference on the s11e2 void and form. A mom asks "who are you going to call?" Then it cuts to Dean Winchester answering a cell phone and saying, "Ghostbusters!"
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By gboy6
The recent Teen Titans Go episode "Scary Figure Dance" references Ghostbusters yet again. There's a song similar to the Ghostbusters theme song that plays throughout the episode. And their attempt to call the "guys that are good at busting ghosts." They also say the line "Busting make you feel good."
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