For users in: Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Washington DC.
Hey NYC Guys, maybe you could help me.
I will build a new showcase for my Ghostbusterscollection to display and would do an lightning background.
Theres a company that prints photos on glas or acrylglas so that the lights behind the glas show lightly though.

But now, i cant find the right picture. i searched the web and all my pictures i shoot when i was in NYC last year.

Now my question: can you help me?
Can you make me a nice photo i can use for that background (should look like a diorama with the 6" GB Figures and a 24" Marshmallowman in front when the showcase is ready)?
A picture from TimesSquare when the sky is not toooo dark? so dont know... around 20-21 pm maybe the blue hour?
something like this: ... rounds.jpg but better view that i can use for diorama.
And / or a picture from the Hook&Ladder8 Firestation, maybe around same time? But not only firestation please, maybe something around too, like that: ... ehouse.jpg
not so many cars...

I know, that are a lot wishes but it would be soooo cool if you can help me.

Thanks a lot and best regards

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