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By Lostboys
Thanks for letting me join this forum.
Can anyone tell me if this is a genuine ghostbusters torch, as I cant find any info on the Internet about this vintage eveready torch.
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By Kingpin
It could be legit, there was a lot of merchandise released back in the day, especially for The Real Ghostbusters, and there's no comprehensive index of everything that was released.
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By CitizenBuster
I couldn't find anything on it either. Certainly looks factory made. I'd put it on your shelf with the rest of your collectibles. My philosophy is, if it's got a no ghost on it, it's legit.
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By prodestrian
Interesting that the logo says "Ever Ready" instead of "Eveready". That's an important piece of the puzzle.

I gave up trying to understand the history of the company but it looks like it split before recombining with the American "Eveready" corporation in 1986, until then the UK division went by "Ever Ready". I assume that eventually the UK rebranded to "Eveready" but I don't know when this occurred. If we knew that it could narrow down when the torch was manufactured (until they stopped making this model or they updated their injection molds with the "Eveready" logo).

So it's possible this is legitimate merch sold in the UK in the 80s.

I did find one forum thread with a photo of what seems to be this same torch model: ... tcount=191
(Post 191, the fifth photo attached).

Interestingly the poster is from the UK. Unfortunately he doesn't give any details on where/when he purchased it.

Update: it looks like Ever Ready UK did make Ghostbusters II promo torches: ... Sw7JNibnT7
And it still has the "Ever Ready" logo, which means that they hadn't yet changed it by 1989.
By Lostboys
Well spotted, I have typed in all sorts into search engines and haven’t seen a single image of this torch, I have contacted the gentleman on vintage radio to see if he knows a year for this torch.
Around the late 80's, I also had an Ever Ready flashlight, although it was for Batman, not Ghostbusters. (It even had a bat signal lens, so you could project the bat signal, like the Gotham PD.)

I imagine if they made official products for the Batman franchise, there's a very good chance they made official products for the Ghostbusters franchise as well.
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