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By Kevin Dawe
So first off I have to say I’m enthralled by this thing and feel like I must have it, but here’s the problem, I’ve had the incredible fortune of being born Canadian and living in the great white north. I know, it’s like winning the lottery of life, but for some strange reason Eaglemoss isn’t taking subscriptions from Canada.

Any other hosers here who desperately want this magnificent beast of a car? What are our options here? Will we just have to wait for the whole thing to be done and put up on the Eaglemoss webstore? Or wait for after market resellers to start scalping the parts?
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By Kingpin
It's likely a licensing issue that's led to Eaglemoss not currently planning to release the Ecto-1 kit in Canada.

I guess the options are to either buy each installment through eBay should it be listed there (that's what I'd had to do on some occasions to collect some of the Star Trek starships I'd missed), or you could commission a US-based friend to purchase the instalments on your behalf, and then post them to you... Though this would lead to them becoming more expensive.

If you live close to the border, you could always pop across and buy it yourself, but this is tricky as you'd need to locate a store selling it, and it'd mean regular trips to the States.

And, if Eaglemoss in the US is anything like it is in the UK, there's a good chance the magazines would eventually disappear from physical shops, and only be available online.
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By Kevin Dawe
Unfortunately I'm nowhere near the border, in fact I'm not even on the continent. I'm a Newfoundlander livin the island life lol, so that means a boat trip before even starting to drive to the border (and from where I am on the island its a few hours drive just to get to the port to get on the ferry).

What's been your experience with Eaglemoss stuff on Ebay, are the prices driven up a lot? I don't know anybody in the states, but I was looking into mail forwarding services and from what I found it looks like the shipping costs will effectively double the cost of each parcel. Does anyone on here have experience with those kinds of services? Are there any that offer rates that would make them a viable option for this?
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By Kingpin
The prices would vary depending on how high in demand an item was. At the very least they'd start at least £2-5 above the standard cost of an issue/ship.

I did use one of those forwarding services for when I was ordering some Spirit Proton Packs, it did add a chunk of money to the overall cost of the Packs, though I didn't use them long enough to know if there was a flat rate option.

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