By JoSpengler
I'm not giving up, Ghostheads! I want to be a part of a franchise. I've made several attempts to reach out on this forum. Maybe I should be going about this differently...

My name is Johanna. I am 31 years old and reside in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania. It's near impossible for me to convey the importance of Ghostbusters in my life. I want to be a part of the magic, make new friends, help the community, and be an overall asset to a local franchise. Isn't this supposed to be a forum of my people where I can find acceptance and comradery?

Submitted for your enjoyment...
Barely four years old and a RGB Ghostpopper for Easter.

Holding Stay Puft and Slimer on the pile.

Unboxed Stay Puft and Slimer.

First time in theaters.

My Ecto... I'm a GB II girl.

Dave and Busters for the new game.

Wizard World

Wizard World... met a great friend at this booth.

I received my flight suit from Gibson & Barnes last month! It's currently out being altered...

Very excited...

I have the Matty PKE Meter and goggles. Hose, pads, patches, and other ancillaries are on the way. And currently building a pack using Norm's plans.

So, how about it franchises? Philly? Is it acceptable to cross borders... NJ?

<3 Jo
By venkman30
I hope you can find a franchise to join as it is fun getting out, meeting new people and seeing smiles on the faces of people that see you suited up. I run a amall group but it is hard finding members around here as it is just a small town. Don't give up. Check Facebook and try contacting groups through there. But again I wish you the best in your search. Oh one more thought. You could always start your own group in your area of you know of or can find a few others that would be interested in joining.
By JoSpengler
Thank you for the encouragement! It's so nice to have your support. :)

The northeast US is such a highly populated, bustling area... I didn't imagine it would be so difficult to find a welcoming group. I have two jobs and and am taking classes online... it would be so much simpler to tack on to an existing franchise than begin my own. Plus, I would love to learn from veteran GB's.

I'll keep you posted! And congratulations on your group!
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By Tony Bondioli
Fluke? You're a legitimate phenomenon! I second the recommendation above: Facebook is a powerful tool for finding and interacting with franchises around the world. Best of luck in your search, and keep us posted!

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