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By YoZiggy
Hey guys,

I've been a huge fan and a supporter of all things Ghostbusters for some time now. I've been trying to become a part of a group, but I was unable to get involved with two groups because some of the members of these groups have held unnecessary grudges against me of which I have no control over.

I live in the state of Florida, and no one has claimed the name of Florida Ghostbusters that I'm aware of. I'd like to create this group to not only represent all the groups of Florida, but to allow people like me who aren't in groups to join and feel welcome. My idea is to allow anyone in the state of Florida to join, even if they're in other groups. I'd like to have a broad range for members all over the state to get involved in events or fundraisers/charities that other members can't reach to represent the group, and to help in any way that they can. My main goal is to get all Ghostbusters of Florida involved in this where they otherwise may feel they're out of reach. I'd like to focus solely on fundraisers, charities, events for the kids, etc. Anything that will be beneficial to everyone, whether financially or for just simple enjoyment.

Where I need advice is that some have told me that creating a group by the name of "Florida Ghostbusters" would be a bad idea because it would be too "broad". I've also been told that my group idea is pointless, as other groups are apparently more important and the state of Florida doesn't require an additional one. The thing is, my idea is to include everyone in the state of Florida, not limit the group to a few people. I want to make the group as large as I can.

So what I'd like to get advice for is whether or not I should implement this idea? I've got a few people interested, and if I make this a reality, I'd personally invite all groups to join.

What do you guys think?
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By Doctor Venkman
You can start a franchise if you wish, there's nothing stopping you.

I would simply recommend, since it sounds like you're already on shaky ground with some other groups (whether your fault or not), that you not invite people from those groups to join yours. If they want to join your group, they'll reach out. Don't try to recruit or poach other groups' members. That would be frowned upon. If they come to you, that's fine, but don't recruit.

As for the name, that's your decision. "Florida" may be too broad, but that's entirely up to you. Trying to include everyone in the state of Florida that wants to join is fine in theory, but just keep in mind that it is probably unrealistic in regards to events and things like that, as people from South Florida won't travel 8 hours north to do an event every weekend.

As for your group being pointless, no group is pointless. Maybe it is worth trying to resolve the differences that are preventing you from joining an established group, just to prevent competition (healthy or otherwise).
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By SpaceCoastGBs
It sounds a lot like what Adam did with The Leftovers about 7 or 8 years ago, and similar to what CAT5 Ghostbusters are doing now.

I say do whatever you want to do though. No one can tell you no and for the most part, get in to it for yourself, not to appeal to others.

The Florida Ghostbuster scene is toxic. Each group has their own cliques and alliances and if you defy any of them you get shit on by their related pseudo-gangs. Be wary of groups out there that only want to exploit you for their own personal gain. If you have something to offer, then prepare to be attempted to be used.
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By YoZiggy
Thanks, guys. I feel you on the toxic aspect of Florida. I've dealt with a lot of issues from groups here. Not everyone, just a few bad apples. I definitely don't want to poach on other groups by any means. Just create an alternative for people who don't have a group, or maybe want a secondary group for extra events that their groups can't do otherwise due to finances or time constraints. It would be more like a "participate as you can" deal.

And I do agree, Florida Ghostbusters is a bit broad. I'm just having a difficult time picking out a suitable name. A group, that I won't name as to avoid disrespect and slander (I don't want to become a part of that routine) took the name I was planning for my group about a year ago. Since, I've been at a loss for a name. My area isn't very populated, but I travel all over Florida. Maybe I can simply ask for franchise name ideas?
By SpaceCoastGBs
I'd say it doesn't even have to be a "____ Ghostbusters" name. "Affiliated Ghostbusters of Florida", "Florida Ghostbusters United", "Florida Ghostbuster Coalition". I like names like that because they aren't obscure, they evoke a large area, and they aren't region or city specific.
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By YoZiggy
That's actually a great idea! That way, I won't have any issues with other groups on the name, and it will still represent the state as a whole.

Honestly, I know all about the bad Florida vibes. I haven't personally dealt with a lot (save for two unnamed groups), but I've heard a lot that has left me wanting to move to a different state before I start a group. It's sad, really. And the worst part is, most of the groups that have issues with other groups (or just a member or two) have said issues over petty reasons. I'm dealing with one group now that is threatened by just about any group for popularity and notoriety, yet they claim to want to stay away from drama. They've caused more than any other group I've seen so far.
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By YoZiggy
Also, I noticed that Alabama has a group named after the whole state. Maybe I should correspond with them and ask them how they're doing with it? I mean, what they've done with their group to make it successful.
By SpaceCoastGBs
I'm dealing with one group now that is threatened by just about any group for popularity and notoriety, yet they claim to want to stay away from drama. They've caused more than any other group I've seen so far.
Hahaha you sure that's not us?

From my experience, if you don't want to play their games and want to do something different than their expectations, then you're disliked.
Don't want to do their type of charity? Disliked
Don't want to do show up to inappropriate places unannounced and cause a scene? Disliked
Undermining their ebay sales by giving away props and toys? Disliked
Don't want to whore yourself out at every opportunity to try to get on the news? Disliked
Not screen accurate enough? Disliked
Don't subscribe to their standards of public behavior? Disliked
Won't come out of your way to support their event, when they won't support you? Disliked
Build your own props instead of buying from the supplier they're affiliated with? Disliked

We're over it. Honestly Florida is going to be seeing a lot less of the Space Coast Ghostbusters in the future. What we've seen is that if you're not a group trying to do everything you can to elevate the exposure of another group, you're despised. It's gotten worse in the past few months with the Ghost Corps thing. I don't understand why certain groups are using a non-exclusive membership to somehow prove they're better than others.

I say go with Florida Ghostbusters. Who cares what others think? No one is using the name anyway. I know you've seen that a good amount of Florida groups are the same people using different regional names when they do events at different locations. I suppose you may anger that syndicate but whatever. They don't own Ghostbusters any more than the rest of us.
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By YoZiggy
Definitely not you guys! I've always had a great experience with your group, though we have yet to meet. I'm the one that got the trap from you guys, remember? ;)

But yeah, I agree 100% with everything you said. Either way, we'll be disliked. So might as well go with the name! It's not as though I can't turn the group over to someone else if I decide to leave anyways. We just want to have fun and do what we love. That's the whole point. And I think a lot of groups for get that.
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