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By cowbybill
An Open Letter to Ghostbusters Fans Everywhere,
Recent events have called The Bay Area Ghostbusters ideals and attitudes into question.
Our team realizes that there have been comments made which reflect poorly on the team as a whole and we would like to take a moment to sincerely apologize for any distress this may have caused.
The Group was founded on the belief that all fans should be able to join provided they meet our requirements and conduct themselves accordingly. This being said there have been several incidents that have reflected poorly on our team as whole, and we would like a moment to address these issues.
A. Our group’s twitter feed was accidentally directly linked to a members account thereby this member was tweeting his Facebook posts without his or our knowledge. We are happy to report this matter has be rectified and we apologize for the unusual and weird tweets you may have received.
B. A member of The Bay Area Ghostbusters replied to a comment in a forum thread that had crossed the line, the member is sincerely sorry for anyone they may have upset during this exchange and is taking steps to rectify the situation. This team member has received a 30 day ban on events effective Dec.8th.
C. There was a post regarding another team made by another group that has been linked to The Bay Area Ghostbusters, We had no knowledge of this posting and this member is in no way affiliated with The Bay Area Ghostbusters. To avoid any further confusion as to which members belong to which group it is with heavy hearts that we must sever ties to The Sacramento Ghostbusters, we do see how this could have occurred as the two teams have done so much together over the last couple of years. From now on each “Franchise” shall stand as separate entities. We do however wish The Sacramento team all the best.
We understand These events may have caused undo distress towards various people, and we sincerely apologize for them. However The comments and views of a member of The Bay Area Ghostbusters does not necessarily reflect those of the entire group and should be treated as individual remarks unless made on our web page, Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog, or to the press during events.
As team leader I would like to thank you for your time and sincerely offer my own humblest of apologies of these recent events,
William Prince
The Bay Area Ghostbusters
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By o0Ecto1A0o
how do i go about registering my team for a new franchise?
Here is a link with the requirements for starting a new franchise. ... 72&t=13569

I would recommend you also read this thread as well! ... 72&t=25751

I would check with the other franchises in your area before you "open up shop" and let them know what you are planning or doing, etc. Just a heads up! :) Good luck and have fun!

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