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By Spengs
All Jersey ghostheads: If you're into the franchise aspect of Ghostbusters, have a costume and props, or working on them, and want to meet or continue meeting with other Jersey ghostheads, this is for you.

If you hardly know me, brief info: I'm Richard Roy or Rich if we're not informal. I've been around the community since the late '90s, which is when I once started and maintained my own "franchise" in Essex County from 1997-2004. Thanks to collaborating and meeting Bill from Ghostbusters-NJ, we "merged" franchises and have been friends since.

Different reasons sorta had that GBNJ dormant as others came, went, and came again. I felt there was a gap in 2013 with Central and South Jersey. As we once had ghostheads (we knew) in those areas, I had moved in recent years, and began talking to/with Jersey ghostheads north and south from Ocean County I knew the time was right to want to do something again.

Personally it wouldn't have felt right until I at least talked to Bill. We were finally able to hang out this month, talk shop, and about two weeks ago came up with the start of something.

Since then I've been rebuilding/updating the old Ghostbusters-NJ. I dropped the hyphen partially with the idea of a new Ghostbusters NJ for all Jersey ghostheads. The idea is to have a site that could be like a hub site for all the Jersey franchises/ghostheads. If you aren't in a franchise (ie: not enough people in your ares) this could be the easiest way for someone to become a part of a franchise.

If you're already in a franchise and have or are a part of a site, it isn't a problem. You'd still have your site(s) and I'd like to add your members to GBNJ. Hopefully together we can "map" out the state. That may make it a little easier for other Jersey ghostheads to find us. GBNJ can also be a place to talk about/promote events, and we can also add or link to any media a franchise has.

If other state franchises grow out of this, that's great. If fans only want to "stick" to there sites, the GBNJ I built in the last 2 weeks will still work for us. What do you think?

The new site can be found at:

You can you use our contact form to get in touch if you'd like to be included. Or email directly at ghostbustersnj @

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By ImLost3
I'm the aforementioned 'Bill" that Rich was referring to. just as a heads up as you're exploring the new site. Most of the text and pictures were taken directly from the old site which can be still seen here
and is pretty much a place holder while we nail down the design.
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By Spengs
Nail down the design is professional lingo for "take new pictures and upload them to the site." :p

All: Although we have moved to a WP site, we do want to incorporate the site into a domain name. Details about that need to be sorted. In the meantime, WP only costs us our time.
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By Spengs
capfan101: I somehow missed your post at the time, hopefully by now you've seen our other thread thats grown from "humble beginnings" to what it currently is. If you haven't or if you're still interested, here's the link. ... 26&t=34894

Here's also the link to our franchise site which we were working on around that time.
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