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By Spengs
It took me a little over 3 years, (this time) today I finished updating Ghostbusters "paperwork." Regardless of whether you support GBI or not, no matter how you represent your love of Ghostbusters with the costumes and props, you and your group may have fun with the added Ghostbusters paper props I recreated/updated. Most of the documentation came from the GB RPG, which is also back in the Media section.

If you're also a member at RPG I explained earlier today what I did or didn't do with all the existing files.

Blog entry: ... pdates.htm

Direct link to Forms section:

Thanks for looking.
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By Spengs
Thanks Chace. The only one I would change to not be so standard corporate and more personal is "Dr. Venkman's" stationary to new franchises. I was fine with it for the most part in the past. I had already uploaded and wrote about them all when I realized if I was going to rework one, that'd be it.

Since I can't edit my original post, I meant RFP, not RPG. Too much RPG on my mind lately.
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By Spengs
No their isn't. Honestly never thought of it. Anyone could try to make one. Maybe it's something I can try my hand at when I have time again. Believe me it ain't gonna take 3 years.
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By Spengs
Sure, that could be great. I'm not a professional with graphic design, it is something I enjoy doing. As fans I do believe in contributing when possible. I've usually done that with out of print GB comics and magazines.

Thanks Will, good to hear from you!
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By Spengs
I was thinking about the transfer form. I did some quick research and found some examples. I slightly altered one to fit more what Ghostbusters would do and created a franchise request form. It's possible I may make another and decide which one is better. This one should work when one feels like having fun with "corporate" documents. Does anyone really have fun with corporate documents?

The Franchise Request Form is in the Forms section at GBI.
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By keoni
Very nice!!! Honestly, I havent heard GBI being referenced anytime lately.. then again I have been away from all the forums for a long time. Glad to see GBI is still intact!! :)

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