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By cowbybill
Hey Guys,
The Bay Area Ghostbusters are particpating in thier first parade tomorrow, and I know some of you have done these things for quite some time and was wondering if you had any advice or tips for us. We want it to be a succesful event and it's pretty high profile for the east bay area.
We will not be doing collections for charity during or after the parade, we've purchased 500 green glow bracelets that we will be handing out to kids along the parade route, We are planning on having the GB song (both the ray paker and the instrumental) playing as we go down the street.
the Roseville ghostbusters will have their ecto there and my jeep will follow them, since the top will be down we're going to use my ipod and stereo to play the music, with Stay puft in the back standing up and waving to folks.
Other than that do you guys have any other suggestions on what you have done to make it a succesful event?
Bill and the Bay Area Ghostbusters
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By jackdoud
Good footwear is the key, get inserts for the boots.

Anything flimsy that can break, will break. Parades are an endurance test in adverse conditions. Only thing worse would be a crowded bar on halloween.

There's usually a lot of hurry up and wait at a parade, bring a thick skin and patience.

If your start an end point are not the same location as where everyone parked work out how people (and their stuff) are getting back to their vehicles when the parade is over. Don't assume you'll want to walk back to the cars unless it's a very short parade.

Fluids are important at the end of the walk. Even if it's not hot out you still lose water, hydration is important.

Don't expect the parade to move constantly. It will likely be stop and go the whole way. Have something to do to amuse the crowd while you're standing there and they're staring at you but don't get sucked into photos. When the parade starts moving they're not gonna wait for you.
By BlkMesaHero
Jack said it the best. The only thing I can think of to add is....

Your only as fast as your slowest guy. Keep that guy up in front or he's going to be running the whole parade.

Have water and snacks in the car you put near the end of the parade route, your gonna need them.

Bring an extra set of socks and really comfy shoes. Your gonna want to give your feet a break after the parade.
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By Gareee
Yeah, Jack covered most everything.

To that I'd add tether lines to anything loose. I've seen throwers smash on the pavement as well as traps. You can add a simple fishing line or those clear silicon elastic bands to potential items that could fall off, and save yourself loosing your not inexpensive props, as well as embarassment, and money.

Keep in mind if you pull your thrower, odds are you'll be lugging it around during the whole parade. I kind of prefer it secured to our packs.

Some parades do not allow tossing or handing out of anything. You might want to check on those bands you got. if handouts are allowed and you have them, GB business cards are also popular handout items.

You really want to work the crowd instead of just walking the route. Urge them to chant Ghostbusters, or prompt them to get some kind of reaction out of them. They are already excited and will be happy to celebrate your passion with you.

Ryan and Marci were doing a lot with the Matty PKEs during the Dragoncon parade, and that seemed to work well.

If there are ghosts, Vigo, ect in the parade, you can always do fake chasing of them as well, but plan things like that before hand.

Good Luck!
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By Boomerjinks
The area in front of and between my headlights is a no-zone. Find yourself in that area and you're going to get a friendly push from my bumper.
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By cowbybill
Thanks for all the great tips and advice!
We do have premisson to hand out things we just can't throw or toss 'em. I'm going to put an ice chest in the back, and get some new gels for my boots. I'll make sure to discuss safety with everyone. It's a great idea not to walk between the vehicles.
You guys have been a great help, thank you very much
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By SlimeGuy
Use your alice frame's build-in shelf to carry an extra water bottle. It's the area just behind the kidney pad below the small of your back. I know it has big holes, but if you lie down the water bottle on it's side it should stay there just fine and keep your hands free.
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By Teamhair
And of course let us know how it goes!! We all like to hear the success stories! :)
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By FossilizedArt
Camelback filled with booze.

LOL, Sammy. <3

Seriously, though. Invest in a CamelBak at your local Army Surplus store. TOTALLY a lifesaver, can be worn under a proton pack.

Definitely get gel insoles for boots, and have throat lozenges. Also, wear only shorts and t-shirt under your suit. You WILL get hot.

I'd dare say bring a megaphone too. Wouldn't be out of the question.
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By Gareee
They carry camelbaks at walmart as well in the camping section. They also have both insulated and non insulated ones as well.
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By c05ta
Check local weather! And remember that if there is any rain your gear (and your self) will get soaked.

Also don't be afraid to hand things to parents if the kid is in too much shock to close their hand. Its funny but it happens every year. I do a mental 5 count hand it to the partners smile with them a happy holiday and move o be so im not left behind.

I've done 3 christmas parades and have have dealt with cold, rain, snow, sleet, and ungrateful yuppie larva.

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By Borzou
Make sure your trap is secure. :-\
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By cowbybill
I will be a parade virgin this year at D*C, any suggestions for good insoles?
I did the Dr. Scholl's foot mapping thing at walgreens and bought those insoles. Man they've made a difference in my boots! They are a little pricey though.
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By Gareee
Yeah the parade isn't the killer..its running to a scheduled popular event right after it in gear, and braving the saturday dragoncon crowd all day long in gear that'll get to you.

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