By corwin1720
We are out of Southwestern Michigan with members in Kalamazoo MI and Buchanan MI. Check our facebook friend us @

and don't forget to check out our web series on youtube @

Hope you guys enjoy it and hope to see you guys out in the field!

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By davis
Hey Jonathan,

Ive been really impressed with what GBMI is doing, I mean really you guys have been lookin awesome and I love the episodes!!
You met my wife not too long ago and she was really excited to tell me about it and give my your card. I still think its "extraordinarily bad" (lol) that we havent met yet since your in Niles and Im just 20 mins away in Edwardsburg haha!
Anyway, Im going to be htting these boards again randomly as I am starting the process of installing sounds into my pack.
I'd love to do a march or be involved in any kind of appearance GBMI has coming up.

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