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By Cory GB Maine
Maine Ghostbusters


Web Page (under construction):

Ryder Wood
Justin Hamner
Dwight Blanche
Mike Marshall
Cory Nicholson
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By nstevic01
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By BlueBoxBoy759
Hello! Franchise representative. Leif C. Of the Gem State Ghostbusters ready to put Idaho on the map. We can be found on Facebook!/groups/1 ... 1288399005 and or course we can be reached via email at
We even have a hotline where we can be reached 24 hours a day. That will require a personal message. I should specify that the hotline is a Google voice account specifically set up for this purpose. We have very few active members at the moment, but home these forums will help that. We can all be reached individually through our Facebook group. Thank you for your time all! :D

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