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By Vincenzo330
Thanks! I'm up in North County San Diego. It will be cool to attend some events around here. I have yet to attend a con or any event in my uniform. I just got it together.
San Diego Comic Con 2010 will be our first real event as a whole group (unless we do something by the seat of our pants before then) Thursday is when most everyone is planning on meeting up and tickets are still available right now at
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By kind2311
dayum really? where are you guys hearing this? i have looked all over the website and see nothing about an Ectio being there.

there are other celebs that i really want to see including billy west and maurice lamarche. i suppose i will go after all.
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By Fifthrider
He's pretty busy with voice work for the Transformers cartoon and Law & Order. At least Sean Bishop's Ecto is scheduled to be there.

Hmmm,... Jeff's half right.

While that IS a picture of Sean's old car ( and I should know, I was climbing around inside it yesterday ) I can assure you it will not be there at all. The Superior's future has already been decided and while it may be seen again in the near future, it is most certainly not yet an Ecto. Meanwhile, his new car ( Miller-Meteor ) is still in the back of his house and even if Sean and I worked on it for every weekend between now and then ( 5 weekends ) I'm not sure it will be enough time to get it all done. Heck, we've had a hard enough time just drying it out after rain seeped in and soaked the interior.

The website claims the car will be there but I don't know where on earth they get THAT idea. I haven't heard Sean mention a thing about it. I suspect someone left him out of the loop about his own appearance there.

It still sounds like a fine event to attend and I wish you all the best. I'm sure I won't be there but the last I heard Ernie's appearance is more of a tentative "no." I'll have to check.
By jettajeffro
And here I was hoping it would be the big reveal of the new car.The pic of the old car did draw my suspicion, but it seemed like an awfully major event for facts to be crossed.
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By kind2311
I've all but given up on ACC's and wizrd worlds stupid website. Its hard to navigate and doest seem to be updated. Ernie's pic is still plastered everywhere and then theres a list that says he canceled.

NOw that i've leanred what you guys have to say about sean's ecto, even though there is a pic of an ecto on the site, i wouldnt be surprised if one wasnt there. get your shit together, Wizard World
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By Fifthrider
And here I was hoping it would be the big reveal of the new car.The pic of the old car did draw my suspicion, but it seemed like an awfully major event for facts to be crossed.
Heh, I'd love to e-mail Ernie and ask. I almost suspect the answer will be "What? Huh? What convention? Someone said I'd be there?"

Anyone have an e-mail address on Adam West? Bill Shattner? I'm wondering how many people have been promised that won't attend. My guess is its an empty room with a lone table in the middle and just George Barris sitting in the hall, alone.
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By GhostbusterPM
I just bought my tickets, so I'm still planning on going. Who else has purchased tickets already?

Regardless if there is an Ecto there or not, if theres enough of us there is will be a good time. Besides, its an excuse to get out and where our gear. I know I'm always looking for one.

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