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Another interview with Erik Burnham.
https://www.dynamicforces.com/htmlfiles ... 1272030101

He does reveal in #2, a few panels will show the story of Peter introducing Ray to Egon in their college days and he hints at them having different hairdos...

Another with Erik and Dan.
https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/ever-wond ... ve-answers

-The genesis of Year One was Tom Waltz wanting to do a book with the title "Ghostwriter" which had an author interviewing the Ghostbusters, and it morphed from there.

-Dan listened to a lot of 80s music in preparation for drawing scenes at The Rose and teases a lot of mohawks, hot pink, and neon blue.

-For #1, Dan pulled from The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, and Masque of the Red Death for his ghost designs.
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By Kingpin
mrmichaelt wrote: January 24th, 2020, 4:04 pm Issue #2's release date was changed to February 26 earlier this week and today it's been changed to March 4. Ulp.
And the release date, ever flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On that pallid list of comics delayed furthermore
And the publishing has all the seeming of a development of my disbelieving
And the frustration of my dreaming makes me angry even more
And my exasperation burst forth from my very core
Shall be relieved—nevermore!


A very fun issue, and insight into the early(ish) days of the Ghostbusters. I wasn't expecting Mr. Poe's cameo, but enjoyed the story all the more fore it, and there were a couple of moments Egon had me laughing out loud with the lines Erik had given him. :)
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Dan posted a panel of the front of the New York Public Library for Issue #2.
https://twitter.com/dannyschoening/stat ... 3621305344

EDIT: On the 70's OGBs appearing in #2. I remembered a bit later that 70s Egon did have a small cameo in Eugene's flashback back in Issue #8 of the first volume of the ongoing. I wonder if that's going to be the same look used here. And Ray and Peter. Man, I wonder if they'll have Akyroyd and Murray's 70s era 'staches, heh.
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By Kingpin
mrmichaelt wrote: January 31st, 2020, 6:19 pm Dan posted a panel of the front of the New York Public Library for Issue #2.
https://twitter.com/dannyschoening/stat ... 3621305344
They've even got the scaffolding! :)

(Although on a continuity note, the crosswalk signs would probably be the "WALK/DON'T WALK" variety, rather than the hand signal.)
Kingpin wrote: February 1st, 2020, 2:32 am They've even got the scaffolding! :)
I always meant to look up when this renovation project started and ended but I never really found too much about it in the past. Also there's even some of the background extras from the movie, too! The two sitting at the top of steps, the lady in the baby blue jacket...
Kingpin wrote: February 1st, 2020, 2:32 am(Although on a continuity note, the crosswalk signs would probably be the "WALK/DON'T WALK" variety, rather than the hand signal.)
Yes, the Walk/Don't Walk traffic lights were first installed in NY in 1952 then the stick man walking and palm replaced them in 1999/2000out of concern for tourists visiting the state who didn't read English. Better late than never I guess.
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By mrmichaelt
As of today, the releases are:

Year One #2: March 4

Transformers/Ghostbusters Trade paperback: March 4

Year One #3: March 25

Year One #4: April 22

Year One Trade paperback: June 23

Why #2 got delayed a month? Dunno. Could the usual logistic problems - a printing problem in South Korea, hold up at customs, Diamond [insert here] OR it could be a new one: delayed because of Coronavirus i.e. shipping delayed indefinitely in the Asia region even though there's no confirmed reports in SK.
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By mrmichaelt
January sales are out. Year One #1 did 6350 units. (Much better than Crossing Over or the 35th Anniv. one shot but not crossover numbers)
https://www.comichron.com/monthlycomics ... 20-01.html

The next 'reprint' TPB is Spectral Shenanigans Vol. 3 for November 4, 2020. Collects Happy Horror Days and Mass Hysteria arcs (Vol. 2 #9-20).
https://www.amazon.com/Ghostbusters-Spe ... 1684057272
mrmichaelt wrote: February 20th, 2020, 5:05 pm First 3 pages of Year One #2!
https://books.apple.com/us/book/ghostbu ... 1499746006
https://is1-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thum ... x1200w.jpg
https://is1-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thum ... x1200w.jpg
https://is1-ssl.mzstatic.com/image/thum ... x1200w.jpg
Seems that Bob guy must have seen better days since that shock treatment he got from venkmans experiment.
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By robbritton
Ha! Love the pick up from the
suggestion at the end of the movies’ intro that Bob may actually be psychic! Also, lovely to see the sponges! I mean it’s fan service, sure, but it’s such sweet fan service!
This Post Contains Spoilers
This whole series has the feel of those first four images Dan put on the net that got him the attention that lead here all those years ago. Particularly the “drilling a hole through your head” one. It’s a subtle extra level of touching callback in a year sure to be full of them.
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By mrmichaelt
robbritton wrote: February 21st, 2020, 1:08 am Ha! Love the pick up from the
suggestion at the end of the movies’ intro that Bob may actually be psychic! Also, lovely to see the sponges! I mean it’s fan service, sure, but it’s such sweet fan service!
This Post Contains Spoilers
I chuckled at what his dream was about. I believe he also had powers in that Beeline mobile game but he was a villain.

Only the first 3 pages and Dan already slipped in some movie clothes nods with Jennifer, Bob, and Ray lol.
Jennifer's is from Up The Creek, Bob's is from Christine (right before he gets killed at the gas station), and Ray's is from Dr. Detroit - the jogging outfit. I'm pretty sure the sub is based on Alvin from WHOI, famous for exploring Titanic wreckage.
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zeta otaku wrote:Awww, poor Alice :(
Sad, yes, but another reminder that encounters with the paranormal also have negative consequences and it's not always a clean 'Extreme Ghostbusters reset' when the ghost is trapped.

EDIT: May solicits released and NO Ghostbusters. :(

EDIT 2/28: IDW is once again late with a preview...
mrmichaelt wrote: March 3rd, 2020, 3:13 pm Here's Spook Central's preview for Year One #2.
https://www.facebook.com/spookcentralgb ... &__tn__=-R
Heh. Egon rocking that hairstyle; and so is Peter and Ray's hairstyles, as well. ^_^
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*NormalGamer* wrote:Heh. Egon rocking that hairstyle; and so is Peter and Ray's hairstyles, as well. ^_^
Yup, so rad. I asked Dan and it's
-Ray's hair is Millbarge's from Spies Like Us
-Peter's hair is Tripper's from Meatballs
-Egon's hair is Russell's from Stripes with the Fourth Doctor's scarf.
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Short but sweet this month. I like the
soft canon treatment for the video game, keeping the book bats and the librarians name. Love the argument between Venkman and Ray too, lovely callback to the ‘three mortgages’ conversation!
This Post Contains Spoilers

All in all another good one, not that I was expecting anything else!

EDIT: Also, not sure if the wait time in the UK was about digital copies, but they definitely have the physical issues in Forbidden Planet London today, Kingpin!
Got my copy of Year One #2, today and I could not be happier right now. Its funny, when I was a kid I always used to think that at some point off camera in the first movie the Ghostbusters returned to the library and caught the librarian ghost. From how Erik and Dan handled it is pretty close to how my younger self imagined it. I really got a kick of Ray explaining what the mass sponge migration was like to Rebecca Morales as well.
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Two issues in, I'm loving how it seems the first 2 pages will explore Rebecca interviewing people that were part of the Gozer incident. It would be cute if in #3, Dana's segment continues but to a point where Peter joins them and he is interviewed. Funny Jennifer and Bob appear to have interviewed at the same time.

Dean Yeager. lol. In addition to indirectly helping get more alumni donations, you also saved the world by firing them. :D

I really appreciated how they fleshed out the fact the Delacorte had a longer history with Ray and Egon. But poor Alice. Not everyone gets out of a haunting unscathed as Erik's run has shown so far.

They showed the mass sponge migration. Nice! Even used probably the most famous deep sea sub, too, Alivin.

I laughed upon realizing even in a short time, Rebecca learned to cut off Ray to get to her points.

The first meeting of Ray and Egon. Such a special moment in the history of Ghostbusters. Even if you didn't see the deleted scene that alluded to it or read a draft of the movie, you've always wondered how those two met. That look on Egon's face when Ray mentions "psychokinetic," was gold. Then Egon met Peter in a women's studies class he was mistakenly assigned to but convinced to stay in, lmao. Aaand Peter ditches them for two women, heh heh. MkUltra mention. Ok, so this has to be winter 1975 at the earliest if we're going by real world history - the commission hearing that revealed it to the public was September 1975 I think. I totally dug how Dan Schoening is pulling looks from movies the actors appeared in right before or after Ghostbusters - Ray/Spies Like Us, Peter/Meatballs, Egon/Stripes with a dash of Doctor Who, Jennifer/Up The Creek, Bob/Christine.

We even get to learn some tidbits like where the Proton Pack's nuclear source is from and Ray came up with some tweaks to the P.K.E. Meter during grad school! Even showed us the moment Ray told Peter about when they first detected the Library ghost and buried the needle. Then recreating scenes from the investigation on page 7-8, beautiful!

And all the well written comedy beats in the library bust. Ray teasing Peter about no negotiating, Egon telling Winston it's usually better you don't know what Ray and Peter are arguing about, Peter asking if they should run/Egon is silent/they all run LMAO, Egon chiming in to remind Ray to hold his breath, and the book biting Ray. :D I think the big shocker is nothing got destroyed in the library. ;) Also earlier in the issue, I had to do a double take when I read the bit about the Canadian consulate to see if Ray really did say the consulate was sorry. Erik!

And of course, no canon problems as some were concerned about. They catch the library ghost during the Gozer incident, it escapes when the grid is shut off, as an anchored manifestation it likely immediately returned to the library, they tried between then and 1991 to recapture her but never succeeded, they recapture her in TVG, she escapes again when the grid is shut off. Nice touch that Ray says her real name in this issue as in the TVG, Ray says her real name first. Right after you blow up the Book Golem in the reading room.

And the GB2 connections. A lovely cherry on top. Looks like Milton wasn't the only one with a terrible premonition about New Years Eve 1989. Or the source of Ray's Occult's books and who gave him the idea for the store. Sure, one could argue it's a bit too on the nose but I love cherries.

Like most months, page 20... "Argh, it's over, that was a quick read!" At least it looks like #3 will release in 3 weeks.

Still, a very fun and pleasing read. Several hat tips to Erik, Dan, Luis, and Tom.
This Post Contains Spoilers
Easter eggs so far
*Cover A
**The cover features Ray and the Library ghost.
**The cover recreates scenes from the first movie:
***Ray in a period costume from Fort Detmerring in a deleted scene.
***Ray seeing Slimer for the first time. This depiction lacks his cigarette in Chapter 12: "He Slimed Me!"
*Cover B
**The bottom part of the classifieds seen on Ghostbusters Year One #1 Cover B has a reference to Columbia University.
**A bag of Stay Puft Marshmallows, first seen in Chapter 7: Fried Eggs & Zuul
**A reference to the Tunguska Blast of 1909, mentioned by Ray in the last chapter.
**A reference to the Manse Turbulence, the predecessor of the Philadelphia Mass Turbulence of 1947, mentioned on page 40 of the August 5, 1983 draft. Ray tells Winston about a documented case from Pennsylvania, the "Manse Turbulence." He listed the occurrence of major structural damage, the appearance of multiple full head and torso manifestations, and ecto fluids.
**A photo of Ray in his blue lab coat from the first commercial in Chapter 7: Fried Eggs & Zuul.
**On Ray's file are:
***Ray's employee I.D. # is 0111952.
***The Firehouse's North Moore Street address partially appears.
***The 555-2368 phone number seen in Chapter 7: Fried Eggs & Zuul.
**A Post-It note mentions:
***"Jean," the name of Ray's sister in Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular.
***A note that the first mortgage payment is due on November 1, 1984.
**A Columbia University business card for Dean Yeager. Yeager's first name on it is "Jordan," taken from the name of the actor who portrayed him, Jordan Charney.
***In the issue itself, Yeager's first name is Harold.
**Janine's mug has tea, Chamomile was her favorite flavor since Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
**A document mentions Islip. Islip was listed as the location of Ray's family's home on page 45 of Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular.
***A real world address is listed for Ray's family home, 56 Saint Marks Lane.
**The top left corner of the The Atlantic issue seen in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
**In the petri dish is a piece of sponge, a nod to Ray's mention of a Mass Sponge Migration at the start of Chapter 3 "Get Her!"
**A document that references the Manhattan City Bank mortgage from Chapter 4: Terminated and Ray's "Francis" middle name uttered by Peter in Chapter 3 "Get Her!".
**A photo of Ray standing outside the Firehouse, before the exterior was modified, in the civies he wore in Chapter 5: Fixer Upper.
**A Camp Waconda card, the camp was mentioned by Ray in Chapter 27: Stay Puft Man.
**Stephen Dane's Trap sketch.
**A P.K.E. Meter.
**Under the P.K.E. Meter is a passage "from a vantage...Librarian as the –" which is from the start of the August 5, 1983, September 30, 1983, and October 7, 1983 drafts of the first movie. The full passage is, "A single eerie musical note signals the presence of something strange looking down on the Librarian from a vantage point high above the room. It follows the Librarian as she pushes her cart around the corner."
**The real life book "Ghost Stories of An Antiquary."
**A Wise bag under the desk, seen in Chapter 15 E.P.A. Man.
*Cover RI
**Ray and Ecto-1 are featured on the cover.
**There are several items associated with the Ecto-1 from The Real Ghostbusters:
***In the lower left is the Ghost Claw and in the upper right is the Gunner seat from the Kenner Ecto-1 toy.
***In the upper right are the 3 spotlights, by Ray's left leg is spotlight switch panel, and by Ray's head are the extending traps from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Halloween II ½".
***"Behind Ray is Ecto-1's water raft from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Sticky Business".
***Ray uses the Ghost Tether device from The Real Ghostbusters episode "Partners in Slime".
**The floor and turquoise tile wall is visually based on the Kenner Fire House set.
**Ray is working on the red "sniffer" antennae on the movie canon Ecto-1's roof rack.
**Next to the antennae is the Texas Instruments Cross-Section Sensitivity Unit, also from the movie canon Ecto-1's roof rack.
**Ray is in his civies from Chapter 7 Fried Eggs and Zuul.
**Ray is wearing a pair of K-Swiss x Ghostbusters Si-18 International "Stay Puft" shoes. They released in June 2019 at Foot Locker after appearing at Ghostbusters Fan Fest.
*Page 1
**Continuing from page one of last issue, Dana's outfit is from Chapter 16: Dogs Drag Dana, right before she gets taken by Zuul.
**Dana mentions Peter and alludes to Columbia University.
**Jennifer's last name in the IDW Canon is revealed to be Adams.
**Jennifer's outfit is based on one worn by Jennifer Runyon's character Heather Merriweather in "Up The Creek" (1984).
**In panel 4, the design of Jennifer's Blody drink references ?
**Jennifer brings up Peter convincing her of her psychic ability in Chapter 2 "Shock The Nerd" of the first movie.
***In Ghostbusters International #1, it was revealed Jennifer was operating as a psychic in the canon's present.
**The Male Student's name in the IDW Canon is revealed to be Bob Douglas.
**Bob's name is a nod to SCTV characters Bob and Doug McKenzie.
**Bob's outfit is based on one worn by Steven Tash's character Richie Trelawney in "Christine" (1983) on the night of his death at the gas station.
**Bob mentions pledging to Delta Tau Chi. This was the name of the fraternity in "Animal House" which was co-written by the late Harold Ramis and directed by Ivan Reitman.
**In panel 7, Bob's paper bag references the fast food franchise Hardees?
**Bob refers to his repeated electrocutions in Peter's experiment in Chapter 2 "Shock The Nerd".
**Like in the Beeline video game, it's revealed Bob gained a psychic ability after Peter's experiment.
**Bob's precognitive dream is of the events of Ghostbusters II and he alludes to Vigo and Oscar.
**As with his reason for taking part in Peter's experiment, Bob once again asks if he is being paid for the interview.
*Page 2
**Based on the location of the Alma Mater Sculpture, Dean Yeager is interviewed inside the Low Memorial Library.
**Yeager's first name in the IDW canon is revealed to be Harold.
**Dean Yeager refers to firing Peter, Ray, and Egon in Chapter 4: Terminated and when he called Peter a poor scientist.
**Roger's last name is misspelled "Delacort" instead of "Delacorte."
**Roger refers to the Library Ghost scaring Alice at the start of the first movie.
**Roger refers to Peter's line of questions to Alice in Chapter 3: "Get Her!"
**Alice's last name in the IDW canon is revealed to be Sherman.
**It appears Alice has retired and moved out of the city to a facility after her encounter with the Library ghost.
**Alice asks if she's talked about Saint Jerome. In the first movie, she mentions her uncle claimed he was Saint Jerome.
*Page 3
**Ray recounts the mass sponge migration he witnessed that he mentioned to Peter in Chapter 3: "Get Her!"
**In panel 2, the deep sea submersible vehicle is visually based on Alvin from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, a private non-profit research facility dedicated to marine science and engineering. It was notably used to explore the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in 1964, discovered deep sea hydrothermal vents in 1977 in the Galapagos, and exploring the Titanic wreckage.
**In panel 3, Ray's outfit is based on a jogging outfit worn by Dan Aykroyd's character Clifford Skridlow in "Dr. Detroit" (1983).
**In panel 4, Ray is wearing a blue suit based on one also worn by Clifford Skridlow in "Dr. Detroit" when Smooth Walker and his girls take out on the town.
**The building is the American Society for Psychical Research building at 5 West 73rd Street.
***Dan Aykroyd is a member.
*Page 4
**Ray runs out of Columbia University's Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, located near the Department of Psychology.
**Ray's hairstyle is based on Dan Aykroyd's character Millbarge in "Spies Like Us".
**Peter's hairstyle is based on Bill Murray's character Tripper in "Meatballs".
**Egon's hairstyle is based on Harold Ramis' character Russell in "Stripes".
**Egon's scarf is based on one worn by the Fourth Doctor in the "Doctor Who" television series.
***The Fourth Doctor's scarf was Luis Delgado's idea.
**In the first movie's deleted scene "Nobel Prize Aspirations," Peter mentions he introduced Ray and Egon to each other.
**Egon mentions he met Peter in a women's studies course he was mistakenly assigned to.
*Page 5
**Peter assures Ray and Egon no one will care about their results. Evidently, the Board of Regents did.
**Ray alludes to MkOFTEN. It was rumored to have consulted with and hired fortune tellers, palm readers, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, psychics, voodoo practitioners, witches, magicians, demonologists, satanists, and exorcists in its study of the occult.
**Ray mentions MkUltra, a CIA mind control project that ran from 1953 to 1973. The project was revealed to the public in Fall 1975 during the Church Committee Senate Hearings.
**Peter mentions MkUltra's documents were all destroyed. CIA director Richard Helms ordered all documents destroyed in 1973.
**The women Peter leaves with are visually based on the military police from "Stripes," Stella and Louise dressed in their civies from the rescue operation later in the movie?
*Page 6
**Rebecca mentions the magazine Popular Science.
**In panel 1, on the lobby's desk is:
***The real life book "Ghost Stories of An Antiquary," also seen on Cover B.
***A copy of the Journal of the ASPR.
**In panel 1, right of the stairs is another publication of the ASPR, "Psychic Research" on a desk.
**In panel 2, in the frame is a portrait of William F. Barrett, founder of the ASPR?
**Ray reveals the nuclear material for the Proton Pack was left over from a previously approved experiment.
**Ray mentions Egon designed the P.K.E. Meter. This was revealed in Ghostbusters International #5.
**Ray reveals he suggested a few tweaks to the P.K.E. Meter during graduate school.
**The flashback takes place before Chapter 2 and recreates how the New York Public Library exterior looked like in the movie down to the ongoing renovation and background extras.
**The moment of Ray and Egon first detecting the Library ghost, mentioned in Chapter 2, is shown.
**In panel 4, in the lower right seated is Joe Medjuck like his cameo but dressed like his later cameo in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard?
*Page 7
**The page recreates scenes from the library investigation in the first movie, Chapter 3:
***Panel 1 is Egon stepping away from the symmetrical stack while Ray films it.
***Panel 2 is when they find the Library ghost.
***Panel 3 is when the ghost shushes Peter.
***Panel 4 is the group huddle about what to do next.
***Panel 5 is Ray's "Get her!"
**Ray mentions Peter interviewing Alice in Chapter 3.
*Page 8
**The page recreates when the Library ghost transmogrifies and roars in Chapter 3.
**Ray alludes to them running out of the library, seen in Chapter 3.
**In panel 2, in the frame is a portrait of Gardner Murphy, president of the ASPR in the 1940s?
*Page 9
**Rebecca alludes to Ray, Peter, and Egon getting fired in the first movie, Chapter 4: Terminated.
**Ray mentions going into business shortly after being fired, also seen in Chapter 4.
**Ray mentions the Sedgewick Hotel and getting their first call, seen in the first movie, Chapter 11: "We Got One!"
**In panel 3, Rebecca gets out her 1982 Sony AM/FM Radio Microcassette Recorder M-80 in Metallic Navy Blue seen first in the previous issue.
**Ray reveals they went back to the New York Public Library several months after the first encounter with the Library ghost.
*Page 10
**Janine is wearing her outfit from the first movie, Chapter 21: Out of Biz when the grid is shut off.
**In panel 2, on Janine's computer screen is:
***The word "digital," from ?
***Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg.
**Ray mentions the Canadian consulate. The Consulate General of Canada in New York is located at 466 Lexington Avenue on the twentieth floor.
**Ray mentions Ottawa, the capital of Canada and also the birthplace of Dan Aykroyd on July 1, 1952.
**Ray mentions they're sorry, a nod to Canadians' proclivity to say "sorry" often.
*Page 11
**In panel 3, Peter is wearing the v neck sweater he had in in the first movie, Chapter 11: "We Got One!"
**In panel 3, on Peter's locker door are:
***An article about him titled "Ghostbusters chief tells all" is originally from the July 2, 1984 Daily News interview with Ivan Reitman. A photo of Peter replaces Ivan's.
***An official 8x10 photograph of Sigourney Weaver in costume as Dana.
*Page 12
**Ray alludes to Peter not negotiating at Manhattan City Bank in the first movie, Chapter 4: Terminated.
**Winston's presence places the story after he is hired and after the bust retold in Issue #1.
*Page 13
**Winston's duck call line and the announcement of a Ghost Whistle toy at Toy Fair 2020 is a complete coincidence.
**Peter's quip is a nod to Ray's plan to get the Library ghost in the first movie, Chapter 3: "Get Her!"
*Page 14
**Peter's word balloon is erroneously pointed at Egon.
**Peter screams "Dah!" like in the first movie.
*Page 15
**The Library ghost commands a swarm of books like she does with the Book Bats in Ghostbusters: The Video Game.
**Peter jokes about Jane Fonda's cardio workout video series that started in 1982.
*Page 16
**Ray calls out to the Library ghost by her real name, Eleanor Twitty. It was first revealed in Ghostbusters: The Video Game after Rookie, Ray, and Egon spot her upon blowing up the Book Golem in the reading room.
**Ray claims to have Ptolomy's Cosmographia. Also known as Geographia, it is a classic atlas and treatise on cartography.
*Page 19
**In panel 4, behind Peter is a symmetrical stack of books.
*Page 20
**The main source of the books in Ray's Occult is revealed to be from the New York Public Library's occult collection.
**Rebecca suggests he open a bookstore, foreshadowing the founding of Ray's Occult.
*Page 21
**There is no cover preview for next issue.

To Be Identified

1. Page 1: In panel 4, design of Jennifer's Blody drink references ?

2. Page 1: In panel 7, Bob's paper bag references the fast food franchise Hardees?

3. Page 5: The two women Peter leaves with are based on Stella and Louise, the MP officers from Stripes?

4. Page 6:In panel 2, in the frame is a portrait of William F. Barrett, founder of the ASPR?

5. Page 6: In panel 3, is that Joe Medjuck sitting in the lower right corner?

6. Page 8: In panel 2, the man in the portrait is Gardner Murphy?

7. Page 10: In panel 2, the word "digital" on Janine's computer screen is from?
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Spook Central's preview for Year One #3.
https://www.facebook.com/spookcentralgb ... &__tn__=-R

EDIT: Check with your local comic book shop if they will still be open, doing curb-side pick up, etc. and it looks like digital releases are still going on as normal as YO#3 and the rest of new comic Wednesday will continue in one form or another.

EDIT2: Yes, 12 am Pacific, #3 on sale at Comixology.
https://www.comixology.com/Ghostbusters ... mic/830496
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Year One #3

Main Story
I don't what's funnier, the implication that Peck was moved to tiny as hell office after GB1 or that was always his office. And Peck was so Peck in both of his scenes. Also loved Peter's reaction to learning Peck was still working at the EPA.

Kudos to Dana "exonerating" Peter from the whole Thorazine thing. heh heh.

Peter recalling Louis recommended Tavern on the Green, lmao. Loved when Rebecca got a little meta and questioned how Peter knew what happened before he arrived at The Rose. Though I felt a little bad for her, Peter jumps from subject to subject when he hears something he doesn't want to talk about anymore.

36 years later, and we finally get to see a take on the bust at The Rose. And hoo boy, if you don't think this is the 1980s after all those scenes - check your pulse. The colors, the clothing, the hair styles, the various nods to 80s characters, musicians, movies, the dance moves, the ghost himself -- man, no more have I really felt the era in a comic. Thanks for going nuts on interiors, Dan and Luis. But overall, it was kinda heartwarming to see the people embrace the Ghostbusters without much a fuss and the party continues. I mean, we're pretty used to people angrily yelling at them. This was one of those touching moments like the end of GB1 when the guys arrive at the Shandor Building and mingles with the crowd. The cherry on top was the bust ending on them doing the dance they did in Ray Parker Jr.'s music video.

Not surprised the ghost picked Ray, lol. He just can't win. The ghosts always pick him.

It was a welcome surprise to see Egon get some great moments -- suddenly shooting the door, the "I don't like these readings", "I dance like a god", being confident he could shoot the ghost among the people, the Moonwalk, his surprise they all still wanted to dance. It was also nice to see Egon was thinking of Proton Grenades from the start pretty much in this continuity.

And this issue's GB2 wink was of course foreshadowing World of the Psychic with Peter mentioning meeting with his agent about television. So a foregone conclusion next issue, there will some mention of Egon thinking about getting back into research/university work or the Institute.

It was a brisk read and I'm not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I was really left wanting more after this issue. The Mass Hysteria arc did address how Peter is guarded about his personal life when he mentions to Dana he believed her and Oscar being chased by paparazzi wouldn't have been healthy. So take it back to 1984, and seeing Peter dodge Rebecca's questions isn't a big surprise BUT what a missed opportunity to peek into Peter and Dana's relationship post-GB1.
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Easter eggs so far
*Cover A
**The cover features Peter and Slimer.
**The scenes recreated on the cover from Ghostbusters are:
***Peter radioing Ray after he sees Slimer for the first time in Chapter 12: "He Slimed Me!"
***Peter holding up a Zener card in Chapter 2: Shock The Nerd.
*Cover B
**On the cover are:
***Janine's whale paperweight.
***The Ghost Sniffer.
***A photo of Peter dancing with a woman, in reference to the issue's story about the bust at The Rose mentioned by Casey Kasem in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
***Zener Cards from Chapter 2: Shock The Nerd.
***The Post-It note reminder to meet Dana Barrett after practice and bring flowers, a nod to Peter's bouquet in Chapter 19: Peter's Date with Zuul.
***The People Weekly magazine is the October 22, 1984 issue. The Issue #1 Cover B noted Winston's hire date as that day.
***A book in a satchel, a nod to Janine's reading hobby.
***The Atlantic issue seen in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
***There is a flyer for a circus, a nod to the family circus Peter was part of in page 155-156 in Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular.
***A photo of Peter in his blue lab coat from the first commercial in Chapter 7: Fried Eggs & Zuul.
***Slimer's ectoplasm.
***Listed on the employee file:
****Peter shares a September 21, 1950 birthday with Bill Murray.
****Peter has been married, divorced/separated, and widowed.
****"James Venkman" is listed as his emergency contact at 227-6009, Jim Venkman was the name of Peter's father on The Real Ghostbusters.
***A game token, a nod to Peter's past as a carnival barker on page 153 of the Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular novelization.
****Adding to the nod are tickets from Coney Island.
***A mortgage contract from Manhattan City Bank, seen in Chapter 4: Terminated.
****The contract lists Ray's middle name, Francis. It was used by Peter in Chapter 3: "Get Her!"
****The 19% interest rate from Chapter 4 is listed.
****The annual payment is listed as $19,000. In Chapter 4, Egon stated in the first five years would be $95,000. In other words, each year, it would be $19,000.
****Islip was listed as the location of Ray's family's home on page 45 of Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular.
*Cover RI
**Cover RI is a nod to the cover of Batman #251.
***Peter replaces the Joker.
***Jennifer and Male Student replaces Batman.
****Male Student is spitting gum like he did in Chapter 2: Shock The Nerd.
***Mooglie replaces the Batman logo.
***EPA replaces the Comic Code
***The No Ghost logo replaces the 20 cents bubble.
***Peter's "8'o clock" quote replaces the Ha Ha Ha.
***The wavy line Zener card replaces the Ace of Spade playing card.
**Peter is in his blue lab coat from the first commercial.
**Also on the cover is the Shandor Building, Temple of Gozer, the Firehouse, and Ecto-1.
**Tim Lattie's came up with the cover before he knew about the Year One miniseries.<ref>[https://twitter.com/teamlattie/status/1 ... 4824107009 teamlattie Tweet 12/23/19]</ref>
*Page 1
**Louis is wearing his blue track suit from Ghostbusters Chapter 6: Spook Central.
**Next to Louis is a bottle of mineral water modeled after Perrier. In Chapter 6: Spook Central, Louis offered Dana some mineral water and in Chapter 17: "Who Brought The Dog?", bottles can be seen around the party.
**In panel 4, Luis Delgado's 15 easter egg is on the box left of Peck.
**It is revealed Peck was placed on restricted duty pending official review after the events of the first movie.
**In panel 7, Janine is wearing the modified version of the outfit from her first appearance in Chapter 8: "Bug-Eyes Thing" that has been seen in past issues like Ghostbusters 101 Issue #1.
**Janine is drinking tea. In Ghostbusters: The Video Game, it was revealed her favorite flavor was chamomile.
**In panel 8, Janine mentions Yonkers.
**In panel 8, behind Janine is a street sign indicating she and Rebecca are on a stretch of Tenth Avenue before it Amsterdam Avenue.
*Page 2
**Dana's outfit is based on?
**Dana's instrument case is to her left, it was seen in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
**Dana mentions Thorazine. It was what Peter used on her when Zuul was in possession of her. Peter mentions it in Chapter 20: Keymaster.
***It is revealed in this canon, the Thorazine Peter used was prescribed to Dana for hiccups.
**Dana alludes to when she saw the Temple of Gozer and Terror Dogs in her refrigerator in Chapter 6: Spook Central.
*Page 3
**The USS Maine National Monument appears in panel 1, indicating they are at the Merchant's Gate entrance to Central Park on Columbus Circle.
***The monument appeared in Chapter 20: Keymaster.
*Page 4
**Rebecca recalls Dana describing Peter as a game show host then remembers she told him so. This was in Chapter 10: Checking Out Dana when Peter went took readings in her apartment.
**Rebecca recalls Dean Yeager called Peter a poor scientist. It came up last issue and originally in Chapter 4: Terminated.
*Page 5
**Peter alludes to saving the world at the end of the events of the first movie.
**Rebecca refers to Ray saying parapsychology was a calling last issue.
*Page 6
**Peter alludes to Louis Tully and when Vinz Clortho chased him to the Tavern on the Green in Chapter 18: Terror on the Tavern.
**Peter mentions he has both a doctorate in Psychology and Parapsychology. He told Peck that in Chapter 15: E.P.A.
**Peter alludes to his experiment in Chapter 2: Shock the Nerd.
*Page 7
**Rebecca mentions she already interviewed Winston, in Issue #1, and Ray, in Issue #2.
**Rebecca refers to the Containment Unit as "storage facility," a name used in the first movie.
**Peter mentions Times.
*Page 8
**Peter brings up the bust at The Rose. It was only mentioned in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard.
**In panel 3, the waiter is based on the headwaiter portrayed by Tony Steedman in "Scrooged" which starred Bill Murray.
*Page 9
**In panel 1, The Rose is stand-in for The Palladium on East 14th Street.
***In real world history, The Palladium reopened as a nightclub specializing in New Wave, Euro, and house music in May 1985 by Studio 54 founders Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager.
***One of the signs is changed from "Miller Time" to echo Peter's "It's Milla Time" in Chapter 26: Gozer after they open fire on Gozer a second time.
***One of the signs is changed from Elli Unpainted Furniture to Featherwell's Unpainted Furniture, a nod to Featherwell's Stalking Chair, one of the Cursed Artifacts in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Realistic Versions.
***The other signs are left unchanged: Joon Fashion, Billiards, Pizza A Go-Go, and Men's Wear Lady Boy Wildcat.
**The man with the mohawk mentions Wang Chun, an English New Wave band.
*Page 10
**Peter mentions Egon is talking about upgrading to grenades, a nod and foreshadowing to the Proton Grenades used in the present.
*Page 11
**The Ghostbusters move through an area of the club populated with Francesco Clemente murals, also based on The Palladium.
**Peter mentions New Wave and Glam. New Wave was a rock music subgenre in the 1980s that incorporated pop, disco, mod, and electronic music. Glam was a heavy metal subgenre that used pop hooks and guitar riffs.
**Ray states he only knows the Blues, a nod to Dan Aykroyd and also his role in Blues Brothers.
**Egon identifies the song being played as one from Prince.
*Page 12
**The dance floor is also visually inspired by the Palladium's.
**One dancer is doing the iconic jumping split done by David Lee Roth when Van Halen performed.
**Ray names several dance moves:
***The Twist is from the early 1960s and inspired by rock and roll but was criticized as being to provocative.
***The Fly was popularized by Chubby Checker in the 1960s.
***The Bird was popularized in the 1970s and mimicked the movement of birds like flapping wings.
***The Swim was popularized in 1962 and mimicked swimming strokes.
***The Jerk was popularized in 1964 and was similar to The Monkey with moving your arms like you were conducting, crossing your wrists, then sweeping out.
***The Boogaloo was from 1965 and a kind of funk dance that involved a pulsating motion from side to side.
***The Bump was popularized in 1975 and involved dance partners bumping hips.
***The Hustle was a blanket term for disco dancing in the 1970s.
*Page 13
**In panel 4, on the left, a dancer is visually based on Annie Lennox?
*Page 14
**In panel 4, tossed up the air from the explosion are:
***In the top left is Chartbusters, a Ray Parker Jr. compilation album from 1984.
***In the top right is the Ghostbusters Soundtrack Album, evidenced by the red sticker advertising Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters", "In the Name of Love" by Thompson Twins, "I Can't Wait Forever" by Air Supply, "Hot Night" by Laura Braingan, and and "Cleanin' Up The Town" by The Bus Boys
***In the bottom right is the LP cover of the Japanese version of the Ghostbusters Soundtrack.
*Page 15
**In panel 3, Ray and the women are performing the can can.
***One woman is based on Madonna from her "Crazy For You" music video/cameo in "Vision Quest" (1985).
**Egon does the Moonwalk, a backslide popularized by Michael Jackson in 1983.
*Page 16
**Peter refers to Id from Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche. Id was the primitive and instinctive components of the personality.
**The ghost's hair style appears to be based on Mike Score from the New Wave band A Flock of Seagulls.
*Page 17
**In panel 2, Ray and the others are in a conga line.
***At the end of the conga line are Andy Warhol and Tina Turner?
***In front of Tina is Duckie from "Pretty In Pink"?
***In front of Ray is Jellybean Benitez, a key figure of the New York nightlife, in a striped shirt and overalls he wore in an outing with then girlfriend Madonna.
*Page 18
**As the ghost is pulled into the Trap, he opens his jacket as a nod to Michael Jackson.
*Page 19
**In panel 2, the woman who invites the Ghostbusters to dance is based on Pat Benatar in the second half of her music video for "Love is a Battlefield."
**In panel 2, right of Benatar is the tall woman from Louis' party, portrayed by Jean Kasem, in Chapter 17: Who Brought The Dog?
**In panel 2, between Benatar and Jean is David Bowie in his yellow suit?
**In panel 5, the Ghostbusters dance like how they do in the music video for Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters" song.
**In panel 5, on the left is Claire and on the right is Bender from "The Breakfast Club." The latter is in his iconic pose from the end of the movie.
**In panel 5, behind Egon is Ray Parker Jr.?
*Page 20
**Peter alludes to Casey Kasem talking about the bust at The Rose in Chapter 14: Welcome Aboard and even quotes his "pretty pesky poltergeist" line.
**Peter mentions the bust took place before they hired Winston. It was indeed mentioned in Chapter 14 right before Winston goes to the Firehouse and applies for the job opening.
**Peter mentions the Moonwalk.
**Peter mentions he's got a meeting to talk to his agent about TV, a nod to and foreshadowing The World of the Psychic.
**Peter mentions The Tonight Show.
*Page 21
**Cover A of Issue #4 is previewed.

To Be Identified

1. Page 1: Janine's interview on Tenth Avenue and ?

2. Page 2: Dana's outfit is based on?

3. Page 9: Featherwell's Unpainted Furniture sign is a nod to Featherwell's Stalking Chair?

4. Page 13: Panel 4: Woman in black suit based on Annie Lennox?

5. Page 15: Panel 3: One woman is based on Madonna from her "Crazy For You" music video/cameo in "Vision Quest" (1985)?

6. Page 16: The ghost's hair style appears to be based on Mike Score from the New Wave band A Flock of Seagulls?

7. Page 17: At the end of the conga line are Andy Warhol and Tina Turner? Duckie from Pretty in Pink?

8. Page 19: Panel 2: David Bowie in yellow suit between Pat Benatar and Jean Kasem?

9. Page 19: Panel 5: Behind Egon is Ray Parker Jr. and to his right is Don Johnson?

10. Any other 80s figures among the dancers?
This Post Contains Spoilers
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