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By Mathew_impact1
I'm building a pair of belt gizmos for my son and myself. These are scratch built, not a kit. I had originally planned to use 10mm plastic test tubes with 7 segment LEDs for the display. But after some research, I realised I could use real vfd tubes using a 9v and AA battery. So I purchased 24 used bb8-3 tubes off eBay. Here's the results so far.

It took 2 months for the tubes to arrive. And the first tube I tried was dead. The wait and effort was worth it. The display is static. I'm still waiting for a pair of 4017 circuits to animate this.
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By Mathew_impact1
I made a pattern for making the belt gizmo holder.

Should print fine on letter size sheet.


Right now I'm using an old CLC 464 tape holder that I cut. After trimming a bit. It matches the latter ok.
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By Mathew_impact1
Thanks cristovalc.

I'd seen people add Less to backlight the bed tubes or reproduction tubes. But none had light up the tube displays. I'll post a video when I install the chaser circuit.

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