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Lifegard IV

Posted: January 17th, 2020, 8:08 pm
by TrooperTom
Hi everyone,
I’m trying to get into my local GB chapter. I think it would be great to go to events in uniform and help give back to charities by ghostbusting.
I have my uniform all set but my chapter requires 2 screen accurate props. I have one but am trying to obtain a second one. It seems like the most affordable would be getting a Lifegard PASS alert. I have heard they can be found on eBay for cheap. The only one there is over $100. I was told a replica would be okay “as long as it looks good” but a real one is better. Any one have any ideas where I can get one without breaking the bank?

Re: Lifegard IV

Posted: January 17th, 2020, 8:26 pm
by cristovalc
If you can get into Benofkents Facebook group a user there is selling a bunch! They are still a bit pricey but outside of 3D printing one or buying the replica here on GBfans I'm not sure! ... 206674744/

Good luck!

Re: Lifegard IV

Posted: January 18th, 2020, 12:08 am
by BRD 527
Keep checking ebay they do pop up cheeper from time to time ;)