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By AmazonChitlin
Just finished a Life Gard that I printed. I still need to add the clip on the back, but I'm happy with it. I'm not to worried about the minor 3d printing marks, as I'll only be wearing the costume at night.

Printed on an ender-3 in PLA, Perfect Plastic Putty, Tamiya paints, MIG oil paints for weatheringImageImageImage
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By BRD 527
That looks pretty good, Nice Work!
By BRD 527
Very nice work, looks like the real mccoy! :love:
By AmazonChitlin
Thanks everyone!

I painted the letters with a brush. Since they were raised, I just used a small amount of paint on the brush and went over them a few times until they were filled in. Kinda like dry brushing, just with a little more paint.

After I painted the letters I threw a clear coat over the entire thing and weathered with oil paints. That way if I didn't like the way it turned out i could just wipe it off. Then I sealed the oils with a satin clear coat to lock everything in.
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