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By Chris Brewin
I've tried to a simple search for "locker" and haven't found anything relevant to this, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat.

I'm considering making a replica locker to put in my place somewhere (location TBD) and I'm curious if anyone has taken the time to come up with plans or drawings or has actually made one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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By Kingpin
I vaguely recall someone who made a Firehouse-themed room that might've had a mockup of one of the lockers, but I can't recall how extensive the recreation was.
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By Chris Brewin
Kingpin wrote:I vaguely recall someone who made a Firehouse-themed room that might've had a mockup of one of the lockers, but I can't recall how extensive the recreation was.
No chance you remember who, or maybe the exact words from one of the posts within the thread that I could use to more easily search?
By Ecto39
I am also interested in creating a locker to display my pack and uniform. Anyone have suggestions???
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By Macktacular
Have you checked your area for any vintage furniture / door stores? While finding the exact same kind of build is a slim chance, you might get lucky and find something similar, or something you can make new doors for rather than building the entire thing from scratch.

That said, check your local government surplus sites as well, or any sort of municipal sale. When a building or site is shut down often every fixture is for sale - I know I've been in schools that were shutting down and my father bought stools from the shop classes, but you could have bought lockers, just about anything.
*edit* I just checked, and the Canadian government surplus site has 3 sets of 3 full-sized metal lockers starting at $50 in my own province.

Ikea does have a locker-style wardrobe system called the Pax, it's not terribly huge and it's kit furniture, and it's not exactly cheap if you're doing more than one door. But it is a cheap base that you could modify for your own look. That being said, it may still be cheaper to try some used furniture stores.
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By Donkey8012
After kicking around this idea for a while, I actually tackled this concept last year. I was inspired to finish this project by the lockers that I saw at Halloween Horror Nights at USF. Pics to follow.
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By Donkey8012
For some context, I built this from scratch. Everything except the door anyway. While the project had been rattling around in my head for sometime, my stepdad's acquisition of the door by pure accident is what kickstarted the project. I know it has one-too-many panels, but it was free! From there, I bought all the materials from Lowe's and basically just used screencaps to build it. It languished for a bit before my trip to HHN, but when I saw the lockers in their theme shop, I knew I had to finish it. It stores all of my gear, and I'm happy with it.

I didn't have any measurements to go by. Just eyeballed it.
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