I want to make a correction to something I posted earlier - I've done some more digging and tracked down a copy of the UK TV Listings from 15th Feb 1988 as the discrepancy between my memory and broadcast order bothered me. Turns out the first episode of RGB broadcast in the UK was... "Ghosts R Us" according the TV guide. Which makes sense as that is the same order as in the US and "Mrs Roger's Neighbourhood" was broadcast on 22nd Feb 1988.

On a personal note this has surprised me because as a kid there was nothing else I would be doing on a Monday after school other than watching kids TV, and I distinctly remember them announcing a new Real Ghostbusters cartoon and the first ep being 'Slimer, Come Home'... I'm either misremembering or I'd already missed 3x broadcast episodes on consecutive Mondays until catching this ep on March 7th. I assume this is what happened so ummmm... investigation complete!

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