Have a guide or tutorial? Post it up!
By Artenteri
I've searched but I cant seem to find a step by step guide to mod the spirit halloween proton pack. My son got one and wants to upgrade it. Does anyone know of a step by step guide that would help us do this?
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By Kingpin
Unfortunately there's no step-by-step mod guide as it hasn't been written yet. There are a handful of conversion topics, and a Spirit Pack group on Facebook, but the relative youth of it is the reason why there's no guide for converting it like there are for building full-scale packs, people are still developing their own techniques.

The only advice I can provide is you could lift some of the building techniques from full-scale Pack threads, and apply them to the Spirit Pack... Changing things where necessary to accommodate the reduced size, and the plastic used to make it.
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By darthbuster
Kingpin is correct the group is new. However, people are making very unique mods to the pack so how do you write a definitive guide? How much you modify is based on your imagination and how much screen accuracy you want. Some people are cutting off 40% of the boards and making their own accurate parts out of wood and ABS tube etc. Then what electronics do you decide on? There are two well-known sellers: Frakengeek (facebook) and Spongeface (see GBfans for sale forum) Do you cover the existing speaker hole or not, what replacement stickers do you use? Do you replace the neutrona wand? I would recommend joining the Facebook group and look at the builds there. Also check out Morris props, it's a blonde kid who's dad built him a very highly modified spirit pack and punished props acedemy repaint. that gives you the two extremes of upgrading.
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By kahuna900
Also, All of Doug's(GhostLab42) mods come with detailed instructions. I perused the instructions so much before receiving the kits, I didn't need them when doing the mods because they had been ingrained in my brain. :)
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