By abaka
To me this doesn't bode well...We're saying he's putting a lot of effort into matching the fabric. He's provided one image of Khaki Ripstop which I gurantee you, if you go on Alibaba you'll have no issue finding a similar material.

If this patch is the sign of things to come, I'm feeling nervous. I was never going to use his patch as I was always certain I'd end up using other patches, but if the patches aren't going to be a close replica, what does that bode for the flightsuit. Right now, I'm feeling anxious that I have dropped almost $600.

Just serves to remind, that runs should not be financed until a realtive prototype has been provided. I bought blindly on this because I was so hopeful of finally having these suits happen....let's just hope I don't regret it.
The patches are not an indicator of what the suits will be. The research and development going into these is for the flight suit itself. The patches are an afterthought, I guarantee. Honestly, I'd prefer they weren't included in the first place.
Unfortunately in my opinion, the patches are not afterthought and for someone with no experiece of this seller, the patch is the first output of his proposed offering we have seen....And at this moment in time, I'm not impressed. I myself would have preferred if he didn't include them and focused on the suits.

Until we see the suits, we have no idea what the quality will be like and what the attention to detail of them are. All we have to judge him on right now is his patches and they are not a convincing product.

I hope to be proven wrong and the suits are amazing....But if he can't be bothered to get things right on the patch, who is to say that train of thought won't be present in the suits....And who can blame an investor (at this moment in time, people who have pre ordered or investors in this project) for having concerns based on initial progress.

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