By danny2step
So I was looking at buying a couple flightsuits from the GBfans website store. Has anyone purchased anything through the shop, or know who handles that part of the site?
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By Sammo
There really is no good way to contact the site it seems like. I've been trying to get in touch with someone regarding the store for 2 weeks and I still haven't gotten anything. Also it doesn't seem like you can cancel an order and there are 0 returns as well. The only contact is the email address but I'm not even sure if they check the email ever.
By BRD 527
ive ordered a fight suit and a few other things thru the shop, never had any issues :love:
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By Glenn Frederick
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I've ordered a lot of things from the GBFANS shop throughout the years and I've never had a problem.

Everything I've purchased has been of high quality and with fast shipping.
There's rare times when the shipping date gets pushed up on items that aren't in stock due to manufacture delays but that's completely understandable.

There has been many times my orders have shipped before the estimated shipping date so I highly recommend buying from here.
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By JWils23
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I’ll echo what Glenn said above, I’ve also ordered a lot from the shop and never had any issues. On one of my orders AJ messaged me to let me know one of the items I ordered was actually out of stock but would be back in a week or two, he offered to refund my money if I wanted to buy it elsewhere rather than wait. I actually just pre ordered one of the bellows that are coming back in stock and it’s already shipped and on its way, it’ll be delivered by the time it was estimated to ship haha!
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