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By Coover5
I'm watching ATC again and for some reason this time I noticed a lot of little things I missed before and somethings I didn't understand were clarified. What I can't believe I missed is how they gave Annie Potts a look inspired by the cartoon Janine.

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What have you guys noticed only after repeated viewings?
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By mrmichaelt
I couldn't name it until I listened to the commentary but when Paul Feig is the voice of the announcer on the Ghost Jumpers series, he's doing it as Ernie Anderson, the voice of ABC in the 1980s.

You see it on the laptop after they lose the Electrocuted ghost but I thought it was on the money that Abby's username on YouTube is "ParanormalAbby".

One that makes me chuckle every time since I saw him but when Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann are standing in front of Zhu's doors talking to Patty about the car, one of Zhu's cooks can be seen at work inside right of Holtzmann.

Or Patty had a neat vanity belt buckle, "cheah," slang for "yeah!"

Officer Stevenson's collar pin indicates he is with the 27th precinct. There is no 27th precinct in real life, but it is famously associated with the "Law & Order" franchise.

After Erin punches Chris Gethard, in headquarters, Patty reads a copy of Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics that features an article on "Quantum Energy Matter Creation". In real life, it was the first issue printed in 2015 and came out in January. The article explores how stars use gravity to filter thermal energy and create matter. In the same scene, Holtzmann's New York Post confirms Martin Heiss was hospitalized after the incident two days ago.
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By Coover5
Not sure if this fits the category but...

I can't believe how often I spot Paul Feig in things I enjoyed growing up especially since I didn't recognize the name when he was announced as GB16 director. He's in Heavyweights, Ski Patrol, Zombie High, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch to name a few.
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By One time
A few that caught my eye:

The same stylized store mannequins at the rock concert were also in the GBTVG, though I forgot what level.

The “mandala” / leylines thing in the movie are also in GBTVG

ATC GB’s end up working for the municipality at the end of the movie like in GBTVG

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons in the movie was a cut level from GBTVG which was most desired by fans to be re-included somehow.

Rowan’s “tech” looks a lot like Ivo Shandor’s “tech” from GBTVG (esp. Shandor Island level machines.)

Daniel Ramis (Harold’s son) gives Rowan the high five at the concert

Violet Ramis (Harold’s daughter) has a cameo outside the firehouse with her son

Rowan walks past room 2206, same number as Dana Barrett's apartment in GB1.

Kevin’s last name is Beckman, Beckman was the manufacturer of the yellow box (voltmeter) that Egon uses in the Chinese take out scene in GB1 to service the neutrona thrower.

The lead singer at the rock concert in the extended take claims they summoned Satan by accident.

When they pull Erin off the mayors table at the restaurant it is done in a weird way. This was so that the “flowers are still standing” i.e. the centerpiece. Which succeeded on the take.

Erin says “books can’t fly”. GB1 starts with flying books. Also GBTVG has Flying Books as an entity.
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By robbritton
One time wrote: April 7th, 2021, 9:26 pm Erin says “books can’t fly”. GB1 starts with flying books. Also GBTVG has Flying Books as an entity.
"books can't fly and neither can babies!" - callouts for GB1 and 2 in the same sentence!
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