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By Ecto062
DO NOT use Heavy Props or Owner/Operator Kristopher Marshall for any of your movie props or film production needs! I contacted him for help wiring lights and sound into my Ghostbusters 2 proton pack prop replica and was quoted that repairs would likely stay under $150. I ended up paying $250. He had it for approximately six months and did next to nothing on it. I told him before I gave it to him that I needed it ready and delivered back to me before Halloween and he guaranteed me that completion would not be a problem with such a large advanced notice. I ended up receiving it back, incomplete at midnight on the 31st. He gave me the excuse that he had been sick, which is why it wasn't done in the time that he had originally quoted and he promised to finish the work that he had begun shortly after the holiday. I left him three voicemails and sent him a slew of texts with no return calls after Halloween and I was finally able to get him to pick it back up for completion sometime after Thanksgiving. He kept my prop for approximately four more months. When he finally brought it back to me, he guaranteed me that everything worked the way that I had requested but that he couldn't show me because I had a bad battery pack. I took his word and paid him for the work that he had allegedly completed. I also purchased a new $55 battery pack, per his instruction. When I tried it out, the prop still didn't work to the expectations that I was promised, and had likely not been worked on since he picked it up from me after Halloween. I have left Kris four voicemails and again sent him a number of texts to give him a fair chance to rectify this issue. He is now being extremely shady by avoiding my calls because (like an idiot) I took his word regarding the improved functionality and I paid him out. THIS IS THE MOST DISHONEST BUSINESS OWNER THAT I HAVE EVER HAD THE DISPLEASURE OF WORKING WITH. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, I would highly suggest going staying as far away from Mr. Kris Marshall and Heavy Props as possible.
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By Grimmy GB
Decided to purchase his new booster frame. Amazing! The detail is there for sure. There's no bubbles to be found. Will continue to do business with again!
Thanks Kris!
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By fvanhooser
Kris has been amazing to work with! I ordered some aluminum parts from him AND.....last minuet told him what pack shell I had. He had no problem making the adjustment to the Booster Tube that I ordered. After the adjustment was made, they came quick and look AMAZING!!! The resin booster frame has amazing detail and requires no clean-up.

I HIGHLY recommend ordering through Heavy Props.
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By goldenhawk
Got my Slime Blower Sound Kit today. Thanks for getting it to me quick. I am trying to add sound to the SB before Halloween.
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By ghostfan003
Many months ago I ordered on ebay Crix's last remaining sets of trap stickers. The stickers came in a reasonable amount of time and look very nice. I can't wait to slap them onto some MDF traps!
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By ghostfan003
I forgot to mention that I also purchased Crix's full resin bundle. Not only are the resin parts some of the most detailed and exquisite I have seen, but they are priced great as well. The only downside was some sort of snafu with shipping, but my parts eventually came.
By Logan XI
I received my trap commission from Nickatron this week, Crix's trap light kit was perfect and i can't believe how great the lights look. There was a delay getting the lights to Nick but that was due to them being held up in customs.

Overall very happy with my purchase, Thanks Crix!
By thejaeffect
I ordered two light nd sound kits from Crix on August 7th. This is what happened.

So firstly, I paid for the invoice as soon as it came through on my PayPal. This was the 9th of August. In his sale thread, it states that kits are typically shipped 48 hours after payment. When I had yet to see them in the mail, I reached out to Crix through my original communication method, which was PM on here. I waited a few days without response and reached out through the email listed in the sale thread.

After about 14 days of no kit and no response, I reached out on Facebook as Heavy Props' Facebook was fairly active at the time. Crix responded the next day, stating he was waiting on parts for my kit. They would arrive the next day and ship later that day. On August 26th, I hadn't received the kit, or notification that anything had shipped through PayPal. So, I reached out again through Facebook. He said the parts had arrived late and that the order was shipped the following business day.

On August 29th, when I still had yet to get a tracking number or the kit, I reached out again for information. I didn't get a response until September 3rd, at which time I was told that the kits had shipped and would be here on the 5th. I was given a tracking number for the kit as well.

When the kits arrived, they were packaged well and individually wrapped. The quality of components were good as well.

I proceeded to the Heavy Props' tutorial thread, which was out of date as the connectors for the new and old boards have changed. While the locations of the ports remained the same, it is a bit confusing at times as the sizing of the connectors has changed between versions.

After connecting both kits up, as directed in the thread and I've had multiple issues with how the lights and sounds play. When hooking them up as directed, sounds wouldn't play as they should and it took experimentation to figure it out. That isn't a problem for me, as my entire pack building experience has been a bout experimentation. But when you are messing with 160 dollars worth of electronics, I'd rather just KNOW what to do.

I've reached out through the provided channels for support (a heavy props email and Facebook) and have yet to receive a reply to either.

I'll be honest, Crix's work is good. His product is well made and I'm sure that the quality carries over to his other stuff as well, but the lack of support and communication will most likely prevent me from ordering electronics from him in the future.

The ordeal has been frustrating, sometimes worrysome, and overall unpleasant. For electronic needs in the future, I will most likely go through the GBfans store, or make my own. Simply because I can experiment myself on my own kit without support and not pay for something with the hope of having it.

Again, any communication I've gotten has been professional, but it has been so few and far between that I simply can't recommend the kit to anyone.
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By TonyM
I received my resin parts kit from Crix today and I'm extremely pleased. The casting is flawless with no bubbles or imperfections to speak of. This guy obviously knows a thing or two about molding and casting, and it shows in his work. He got my order to me promptly, and was very courteous and polite in our communication.

Thanks again, man!
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By Stantz 718
Long overdue feedback for this guy. Purchased all my aluminum parts as well as thrower from him in the spring of 2015 and recently purchased a booster frame from him off eBay. Communicates well and items came as shown. Good experience with him overall
By abaka
Anybody recieved Giga electronics from him? Paid for in January/February and were supposed to start shipping out in June....And now he's not replying to messages at all.
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By jimfin
Didn't get a reply to PM either, but the kit did arrive a couple of days ago, haven't had time to try installation yet
By ZyReX
Ordered a trap light kit and paid it on November, 3rd.

On December, 2nd the wrote me his PC crashed and he will send me another kit, because maybe it's stuck at customs or rejected or whatever. Again I asked for a tracking number, still waiting for it.

But had very nice contact via PN so far.
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By Cyberkorr
Purchased a full resin kit from Crix and his bumper. All I can say is.... damn! Detail is phenomenal! Minimal cleanup and these parts are SOLID!!! Purchase transaction was excellent. Communication and shipping were superb!!!

Can't wait to get working on these parts!
By ZyReX
Received a tracking number. Parcel didn't leave the US. No tracking update since 12/22/2016.

No response on messages :-(
By ZyReX
Received my order from Crix. Everything is fine, just shipping took very very long.
By PssdffJay
I am trying to get in contact with Kris. I have tried emailing, facebook messenger, and his facebook page. The last time I received a reply was on Sept 10, 2017 and he "read" my message on messenger on Nov 17, 2017. I have ordered the following parts and have not received any of them or updates on what is happening. But I have also ordered other things from his site and received them no problem like trap holsters, gizmo holsters, leg hose connectors over this summer.

October 2016 Side Tanks
November 2016 Goggle lenses.
July 2017 Greeblies, bracket, Main Tank.

Please let me know what is happening with these orders.

Thank you,

By grantofkings
Also trying to get in touch with Kris; I'm waiting on my main tank, which I'm actually not to pressed for. I've ordered numerous parts from him over the past two years, and have been happy with everything I've gotten. I wanted to put in another order, but it seems he's gone dark on most sites back in December.
By Barking Dragon
I too have been trying to get a hold of Kris for months now. Early November I contacted him thru Facebook messenger as I was having Major issues with the Sound/Light kit I purchased from him and after close to 13 hours over a few days trouble shooting I asked that I send the kit back to Kris to look at the kit personally to see what was wrong. He said he was happy to do so as well as swap over the switches/wires with new updated ones as that was a possible cause for the issues with the sound.

The package was mailed to him on the 16th of November 2017 and he confirmed it's delivery on the 9th of Dec and that he had been sick but he would look at it over the weekend. After a couple of PM's asking for an update with no response I contacted him thru his email address on the 21st Jan 2018, which he replied the next day saying he had been super busy. He replied that he found no issue with the boards so the issues was probably with the wires so he should have the kit back in the mail the next day with a fresh set of wires.

That was the last response that I received from Kris! It is now the 1st of March and I have sent multiple emails and PM's with no reply as well as asking that he simply send me a refund for the kit instead of returning my kit . I took planned annual leave off work over January to work on my pack and and I explained to Kris I needed the kit as I was at the stage of fitting all the electronics and couldn't really do any more till I had the kit that time off was completely wasted. So no further work as been done on my pack build since November last year, I have no Sound/Light kit and I'm out of pocket $160 USD .

I don't know why Kris has decided to ignore me and keep my money and Sound/Light Kit but I'm really upset at how this build has turned out.
By grantofkings
I will say, I hit up Kris through the Heavy Props page on Facebook probably a few days before I posted here, and he did respond this past weekend. Sounds like he’s focused on getting slime blower main tanks out before fielding anything else.
By Barking Dragon
I can't see why he hasn't returned my sound/ light kit though if it was ready to be sent out the day after i spoke with him on Jan 22nd. Regardless of what else is going on, right now i feel as though i've been scammed and i don't sau that lightly considering his reputation here as an honest seller who has provided for alot of members here...but how else am i supposed to see this situation. It doesn't help that i've spent the last 4 months back and forth with my banks after been scammed by a seller from another hobby... I'm so sick of dealing with this sort of thing.
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