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By gbrob
Got my labels, sound and amp kit today... Great stuff! Thanks!!!
By RobMcLaury
Bought a light/sound kit from Crix a while back and it turned out great. Recently bought some labels and a leg hose connector as well which there was a shipping issue where it did not arrive. After contacting Crix he was very quick to send out another and offered me to keep the first one if it ever arrived. The second set showed up quite quickly after he shipped it. I defiantly plan to buy from Crix again. Very good quality and he is very quick to respond.
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By tilallr1
Amazing seller here folks!

Purchased the leg hose connector adapter thingy from him and it arrived fast and in perfect condition. It looks exactly like the real thing and works perfectly with the hose I have.

Thanks so much again!
By Chevyh0tr0d
Really Amazing Seller. Bought a sound kit from him which normally would come with cyltron and power cell lenses, since I had already ordered these from AJ he was kind enough to throw in a leg hose connector. A day later I also ordered a set of labels from him that he was kind enough to get in the same box. Quick delivery to!

Would buy from this person again
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By NoodleMaps
WOW! Received my first order from Crix today and I am beyond impressed. The quality is more far more than I could of expected. I was showing the pieces to my co-workers like it was show-and-tell in grade school, Saying "Look how great these are!" they just stared at me like I was nuts, but they enjoyed my enthusiasm.
By Chevyh0tr0d
Ordered a Sound and Light kit from Crix, around black friday all the items arrived safely and very quickly(about a week). After recently doing a inventory of all the parts I had collected for my build. After I had missplaced some secondary pieces(main switch,wires and crimp connectors) Crix was gratious enough to send replacements off for super cheap. A real pleasure great business person and kept in great communication with me the whole time on both my original order and the replacements.
By PssdffJay
Some more hose connectors came in today. Excellent as always! Still no candy though... :(

Canada post obviously had their map upside down and it went to Edmonton instead of Calgary but that's not Crix's fault.

Only a slight bit of sanding needed to clean these bad boys up. Thanks again! I hope you're not going to stop selling these, they are fantastic!
By gbmatt
Incredible parts. FAST shipping. And great communication. Would buy from Crix again in a heartbeat!
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By joviaaldreetje
Ordered the protonpack kit from Crix, since my previous one (Mighty) totally failed on me. I love this kit and I am glad I bought it. Crix was awesome to deal with and I would highly recommend him.

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By egie
Ordered a booster tube from crix and it arrived fast and in good condition!
I too just receieve my vinyl label set today. Quality is far superior to the set I had ordered from a nobody on eBay. Commication was excellent and shipping was quick. Thanks a bunch!
By Mat
Grey Leg hose connector arrived a couple of days ago and it fits the hose perfectly and looks great; couldn't be happier!
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By bishopdonmiguel
Ordered a full set of Crix's "I Can't Believe It's Not Metal" pack parts. I am very happy with these parts and the quick & friendly service provided.
By Positron Collider
I purchased a full light and sound kit from Crix and am extremely glad I did. The quality of the boards are great and everything goes together quite nicely. Shipping was very quick and everything was properly packed in ESD safe bags that needed to be. A true professional that I would recommend to all.
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By DarkSpectre
Ordered a leg hose connector from Crix. Had it in less than 2 days! Great shipping, great product! Definitely will order from him in the future!
By freudiandave
Got into a pre-Halloween pinch with my power cell lights dying. Crix really stepped up and is bailing me out so I'll hopefully have lights for Halloween on Friday. Top-notch service and an all around class act.
By GabOchoa
Great seller, great parts. Friendly communication and fast shipping!
By 19oclock
I should have posted this review a few months ago, but boy have I been busy. Also after undertaking building a pack in a 2 week window without a proper shop left me completely exhausted. Boy are these things a lot of work, but I am happy to just be tweaking it going forward.

Story time.

I ordered the full pack lights, resin parts, and sound kit from Crix. Everything was great and super smooth. I live just an hour from Denver, Colorado where Crix is based out of so it was nice doing business in-state. As I built everything out over a couple of weeks I managed to fry my sound chip. I was happy to know I'm not the only person who did this, and he was quick to get a replacement sound chip in the mail for the big Halloween deadline I had set for myself.

The replacement chip arrives a day before Halloween but a mistake happened. It was actually the sound chip for the Ecto-1! I let him know about this and asked if I could just drive to Denver to snag a replacement. He did me one better and said he'd meet me halfway with the correct sound chip. After some e-mails back-and-forth for about twenty minutes I am on the road to meet him.

We meet up and make the exchange. i gotta hand it to Crix that the only thing that outpaces his work quality is his customer service. He was great about the honest mixup and wasted no time in making it right. I finished my pack with hours to spare and did Halloween right.

I highly recommend Crix for his quality of parts and service. I don't recommend myself as an assembler because I tend to mix up my voltage sources :-). Thanks for the great parts and the excellent service!!!
By Lewis Tully
Got my labels and my partial Trap light kit from Kris, and they are both just incredible! The quality on the labels is amazing, and the fact that there are enough labels for one full pack, and one full trap all on one sheet is awesome! These aren't your run of the mill printed off at Staples labels. They are the real deal, vinyl, no paper backing that would undoubtedly eventually come loose. I haven't had time to check out the light kit yet, but Kris was awesome enough to include the possibility of upgrades later, without me even asking. All around awesome! Thank you, sir!
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By Grimmy GB
Received a trap lights kit yesterday. I just HAD to play around with it. I looked like a ADHD kid on Christmas morning trying to get the wrapping off! Btw, it was wrapped very nicely, and the product is very professionally made.
Thanks much, Kris!
By Mike Decay
Ordered deluxe aluminum Nfilter bundle, front cylinder, and trigger tip from Kris. Items were boxed and packed great and shipping was super fast! His welding Kung fu is superior and the parts are beautiful! Thanks again!
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