By zeta otaku
A month ago, I joined a Patreon that was releasing files to 3D print the gear from the Real Ghostbusters. My goal with these is to keep them simple, so the trap is a static prop with no lights or moving parts (yet... someday maybe)
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By zeta otaku
Once I'm finished with all of this, I want to make a second trap that's fully functional, but print the doors in glow-in-the-dark filament and use a yellow cable to really bring back those childhood memories :D
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By archinate
Great work! For anyone who wants to make this version of the 3D Printed Ghost Trap, you can check out my Instagram @ghostbustersgear

The ghost trap files are currently available for free on my Patreon page (link in the Instagram bio). The trap files also come with full color instructions.

If you build one - let me know and I'll feature you and your work on my Instagram account.

By BRD 527
Oh wow thats awesome! Very nice work!!!
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By Macktacular
Wow, you did an amazing job bringing a cartoon image into the real world, the colours and shapes and everything are spot on! If the patreon is still running, would you mind posting the link? I know of an artist who was interested in making her own pack and trap but was definitely wanting to go for a RGB look.

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