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By jackdoud
The purpose of this thread is to highlight important or useful threads that have been posted in the Ghost Trap section as well as examples of builds using a variety of materials.

The threads have been grouped based on the general parts used but are otherwise in no particular order or importance. This is by no means a complete list. If there is a thread that you think should be added to this list, post a link and a mod will add it if appropriate. We will clean up the thread as a whole when needed.

If you find that a thread listed below has missing pictures or for any other reason is no longer valid please let us know.

Movie Trap Builds
noslliT's Aluminum GB1 Build
jimbo7's Aluminum GB1 Build
jackdoud's Foamcore/Styrene Trap in a day Challenge GB2 Build
ThrowingChicken's Foamcore/Styrene Build
jackdoud's Foamcore/Styrene GB2 Build
| alkaline |'s Plexiglass Build
jt001's Styrene/MDF GB2 Build
Kingpin's MDF Build
Crix's MDF Build
RickH's MDF Build
Cous3's MDF Build
wince33's Plywood GB1 Build
BCarn's Plywood Build
Jamie Young's Foam Build
Socko525's MMM Kit Build
irricanian's MMM Kit Build
new_virus's MMM Kit Build
nick-a-tron's Kit Build
nick-a-tron's MKII Kit Build
nick-a-tron MKI Kit Build

Movie Trap Pedal Builds
parksdesign's GB1 Build
Filandrius's GB1 Build
Kingpin's GB2 Build
shodanmark's GB1 Build
jackdoud's Custom Pedal Build
UK Ghostbuster 89's Build
irricanian's Tutorial

GBFans Trap Kit
Shredder565's Build
irricanian's Build

Videogame Traps
RedVirtue's Build
hooker's Build

RGB Traps
slimershomie's Build
GhostGuy's Build
Alex Wilcox's Build
irricanian's Kit Build
Harry Bardwell's Build

RGB Trap Pedal
jackdoud's Build
Scale Discussion

EGB Traps
gboy6's Build
DerGrundel's Build

Tripod Traps
General Discussion
General Discussion
Basic Dimensions

Scaled Down Traps
lillie450's Build

Odd Traps
Maegnus's Lego Build
unscrew's Cake
Krenzy's Tissue Dispenser
XxEctOxX's Vehicle Center Console
irricanian's Steampunk Trap Pedal

Kenner Toy Mods
hyperguyver2's Build
Bruenor Odinson's Build
sbonse's Build
dalbyspook's Build
bustinforjesus's Build
punkdude908's Voice Changer Trap Build
Ectochromatic Plössl's Pedal Repair Thread
Raystantz Italy's Build
gbfan86's Build
staticbuster's Build
TemperBuster's Build
Sksstudios's Build
SlackerDaf's Build
msr322's Build

Matty Trap Mods
RedVirtue's Mods
kevinj319's Mods
shodanmark's Mods
TheRockman's Mods
Talyn V-hook Mod
Soren V-hook Mod
Gareee V-hook Mod

Matty Trap Repair
nstevic01 Grinding on Powerup Problem
General Repair Thread
madhatter's Demo/Check Mode Instructions

Trap Holsters
Harry Bardwell's Custom Holster
vwguy's Matty Trap Holster
jme1979's Matty Trap Holster

Design Discussions
Parts list
Pedal Holder Tab
Hanging the Pedal
Vector Plate Discussion
GB1 Pedal Discussion
More GB1 Pedal Discussion
GB1 Trap Dimensions Discussion
Screws Discussion
General Discussion
Pedal Bellows
V-hook spacer
Wheels Discussion
Vector Plate Alternatives

Trap Knobs
Attachment Ideas
More Attachment Ideas
GB1 Side Knob Discussion
GB2 Side Knob Discussion
GB1 Knobs discussion
Parts Options

Venkman71's Plans
Troy Rogers Pepakura Plans
jt001 PDF
Stefan's Plans
Norm's Plans
CPU64's Plans
SG1Star's Plans

Bottom Label
General Discussion

yankeetrex's Dollar Store Build
General Discussion
General Discussion

Opening Doors
General Discussion

Smoking Trap Effects
General Discussion
Fogger Hack
Wizard Stick
Another Wizard Stick
Fogger toy
Smoke Bombs
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