For users in Canada. Eh?
Egons Babe your stuck there!?
It can't be that bad... that's where i'm planning on moving out to. Out of Windsor...
Well i have visited last year and heading out again in August... So you must admit it's better than Windsor!
Nah, it's not to bad I suppose. I just wish the transit system was better, and instead of trading one ride for another at our amusement park, there should be more rides added on top of the ones they already have.
Yeah good times... I guess no place is perfect... especially if you have lived there your entire life..
But i'm excited to get out there and start my career and whatnot.. should be good times...
I love it out there, from what I have seen so far!

By irricanian
OntarioGB wrote:The town is called Little Britain. If you've heard of it I will be surprised. LOL
Little Britain, isn't that right next to Litle Italy :razz:

Seriously though, I think I've driven thru there at some point, my brother used to live in Peterborough.

here ya go :razz: ... 1&ct=title
By OntarioGB
That'd be great! It'd be fun to meet and build with some fellow fans. My shop door would be open too if we weren't in the process of moving, we've moved about 4 times in the past 2 years, my wife likes to fix up houses and then sell. LOL, I've taken to just using a post office box now for mail for simplicity.
By Ange
Hey, all...

Tis Ange here and I am fron Central Ontario...Muskoka to be more precise.

Glad to be here and I am a fan from waaaay back...

Please, tell me I am not the oldest one here...LOL :lol:
By Ange
Marsupial wrote:
Ange wrote:Please, tell me I am not the oldest one here...LOL :lol:
Depends how old you are... :P

welcome aboard

Oh, ain't we funny.. :P

I am 34.
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By Pagz
Hey everyone,
Victoria, British Columbia here. A long time lurker on the site. Just about to start my proton pack in the next month or so, waiting on some parts I've ordered. Should be good times.
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