For users in Canada. Eh?
By Rye Guy
Hi, I am am and my name is Ryan. I live in Vancouver BC and I start making my pack and trap next month (Sept). I will posting pics of the making of and asking questions on a regular basis.
By KinutaTsuchi
British Columbia!!


Oh yes yes I was sent by the lovely and talented Andy_2_Cool so a few GB woots/air humps for him everyone!!!

I will be cosplaying GB for a few cons so maybe one of you will see me around.

Take care everyone Love and kissles*
~Kei Li
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By Denike
Howdy folks. I'm from Burlington, Ontario.

So I've been trying to build a Ghostbusters costume for a while now and I'm going through ebay pages and other assorted websites when this one pops up. Let me say: I am impressed! Everything I've been looking for is here, and to top it off - it's full of people who love this stuff as much as I do... More even!

I'm geekin' out about it now, but I can't wait to post my suit once it's built. If for nothing else; to see if I did it right. :)
By JeremyW
Hi everyone! Jeremy Webster from Calgary, Alberta.

I've been obsessed with Ghostbusters since I was a young lad and am looking forward to building a pack in the oncoming year!!
By Funkzilla
irricanian wrote: That's right, I moved on Oct. 1st. I'm now between Barrie and Orillia. :)
Aw geez, I'm so out of the loop. I guess I should have realized that when you were having that "moving sale" a while back.

If you haven't checked them out already, Sculpture Supply Canada in T.O. is a pretty decent place to pick resins, silicone and whatnot.

By Ramzi
Wow! There are a lot of us.

I'm from Ottawa, Ontario. I've just started my GB outfit and plan to rock out in it at Anime North this year. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have a full proton pack ready by then, but I'll still have an awesome costume after sifting through all the advice on this site.
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