For users in: Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Washington DC.
The Rochester Ghostbusters are looking to hire new recruits. We are a relatively active group year round, and have been since 2009. Our members are like family. We take care of and help each other where ever need be. If you enjoy propping, socialing/ networking, fundraising for great causes then this is the group for you! We maintain a group chat via that keeps us in daily contact and discussion. We utilize Google calendar to keep track of upcoming events and pertinent information related to such. We also have a twitter account, RochesterGhostbuster@RNYGB as well as a facebook page, , the latter of which is our primary source for sharing GB related topics, media, pics and events with the public. We have 3 ECTO vehicles and a plethora of equipment. This group is all about helping good causes, promoting local businesses and events (we do occasionally travel within the state), helping one another and having loads of fun doing so. Please contact:

Nicholas Powlowski
(585) 957-6599


Shaun Farley
(585) 474-5950

You may also reach us via on both our personal pages as well as the group page
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