This is it, the big dive has started with the creation of a single part! This will be a slow burn thread, but I wanted to get it started to get myself in the mindset. I'm working off of Quentin Machiel's Mk 2.1 files over on Thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4621554). I'm building a GB1 hero pack, though not necessarily perfectly screen accurate or aimed at any one character. Instead, my goal is "accurate," in the sense that it'll fool pretty much anyone, and will instead be "mine." Generic might be the right term to use.

I picked up some new tools for this, too. Ended up getting a new oscillating multitool to speed up sanding, and I'm gonna try a hot stapler to reinforces seams on the bigger pieces.

Got delayed getting started by some printer problems. Replaced the hot end, and gave the ion arm a try. Yes, I probably should have started with something smaller, but, well, I'm an idiot and sometimes it shows. Anyway...

Looks like the new hot end made all the difference. First piece off the plate after running unattended overnight, and it came out perfectly.
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Small update today. A little progress, but I'm about to start in on bigger stuff, most of which takes about a day per part to print. I did just put in an order for most of the detail pieces. Using real elbows, resistors, brass bits, and that stuff. I also roped in a buddy to print the Clippard 701 and 331 and the crank generator knob in resin for me for better detail.

Just trying to run out a short roll of PLA with some of the smaller bits. Ion arm is after two rounds of sanding and primer. I think one more round will get it pretty well. To the left is the Hydrogen Gas Accumulator and the hose mount for the synch generator.

Questions for anyone with time to answer:
  1. Is there a good break down of the differences between the GB1 & 2 hero packs? Most of the best photo reference out there is all of the GB2 packs, which I know were mostly updated GB1 packs, but I just want to be sure I'm okay on some of my details (I'm aiming for a GB1 pack, but I'm not against cross pollinating where it makes sense)
  2. Similarly, is there a break down of the differences between the character's packs? I know Egon's pack in particular had several specific things specific to it. I'll probably mix and match details I like, but I'd also like to know what I'm mixing and matching
  3. Aluminum for the motherboard: 5052 or 6061? 3.2mm or 6.3mm? (I'm thinking 3.2mm 6061)
  4. What about building a pack do you wish you'd known early on?
  5. Is there any part of my process I can document in detail for you to be helpful?
Some Advice:
Get yourself a pack of silver sharpies so that you can mark what each part is as you print. The Q Pack has a TON of pieces, and keeping track of them all is gonna be hard. You'll be glad you left yourself notes as you're finishing parts.
1. This is a good thread for differences, not a ton of detailed shots of the GB 1 packs but it does highlight the differences. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28595
2. The reference section has a lot of good pictures of the different packs like the lobby, Minnesota, Spengler etc.
3. On the build I’m doing now I cut my mobo out 1/8” 6061.
4. To be patient with how long it takes to find the right parts (if you’re going the vintage route) and to be okay with using modern equivalents if you can’t source/afford the old ones. There are several vintage parts I’d love to have but don’t due to either not being able to find them or the prohibitive cost when I did find them. This delayed the building of my pack because I wasn’t willing to settle and kept searching. But at a certain point I realized that those parts were not worth holding up the build when modern parts would fill the same role and should I find those parts later on I could easily swap them.

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