Hey Guys, I figure someone here might have an answer about my question here.

So Im looking into adding a vape smoke machine setup to my existing pack with the Matty Sound board that also controls my pack lights. I bought my pack on the ebay a couple of years ago, and the prior owner must have wanted to do this because theirs wire mesh that allows for smoke to come out of the N-filter. I know one of the sounds that goes with the soundboard is the pack vent sequence. Is there a way to sync the venting audio/lights and the vape smoke? I could have swore there was a connection point but looking at the diagram online for the board I dont see one.

Thanks for any help you have, my secondary option would just be getting the remote controlled version and pressing the button in time,haha.
Not sure if he has any left, but spongeface made a relay for his Matty board. So it kicks in when the Matty wand vents. The Matty board vent relay just dictates on and off. you power the vape separate, so anyone that you can splice the wires will work

... I think it was for the Matty board. I know he the regular pack blaster has one. Either way message spongeface
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