By zeta otaku
My 3d printer Real Ghostbusters thrower! I got the files from the same fellow's patreon as my trap. Still waiting for the pack files to become available...


By zeta otaku
This has been a dream build! I've wanted a 3D version of this ever since I outgrew my old Kenner role play stuff :D
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By archinate
Looking sharp! For anyone wanting to learn how to make their own, you can check out my builds on Instagram @ghostbustersgear

The files for this build are original designs and are available on my Patreon (check my Instagram bio for the link) - I'm progressively releasing the 3D files as STL downloads with full color instructions. The ghost trap files are currently available for free. The thrower is currently an early release for patrons and it will be set as a free download at the end of April.
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By zeta otaku
Just completed my 0.9 upgrade on the thrower: a couple extra lights and sounds! Why not a full 1.0 upgrade? Well... the part for the volume control won't be in until tomorrow afternoon, which is why the large knob on the right side of the thrower is missing :D

I really can't thiank ghostbustersgear on Instagram enough for these amazing plans and prints and I cannot WAIT for his RGB pack plans to get released eventually :D

Also, the latest version of the soundboard from the GBFans Store... swapping out MP3s is a BREEZE! I also realized I forgot to show off the blasting sound effect, but I'll just post a new video tomorrow once I have the volume knob installed >_>

Hopefully by then I'll have my second 3D printer set up and PLENTY of blue PLA to make the proton pack XD
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By Kingpin
Goddamn, hearing it play the theme tune just instantly pulls me back into every scene in the cartoon where they're getting ready to bust and the theme kicks in. :)

Fantastic. :)
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By zeta otaku
Thanks! I finally have the thrower done (might tweak one or two things here and there while I wait for the pack plans to come out) so I can put this on a shelf for now and work on fixing up my movie gear! I MAY have left it in the trunk of my car since October and the vibrations from driving MAY have shaken almost everything loose >_>
By zeta otaku
Just throwing an update to this :D

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