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By 3dfx
Who to contact regarding delivery of Proton Pack shop products?

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By 3dfx
Placed an order in Sept 2019, got 1 of 3 parts and still waiting for the other two parts, It's now Feb 12 2020.
Want to know what's the hold up.
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By Kingpin
Clippard R-331's
White Hat Light Lens
Orange Hat Light Lens
Gotcha. AJ has had a major bout of difficulty getting a response from the company he purchases the hat lights from, for 9 months they didn't send a single reply to his queries.
He was finally able to get a reply from them on the 16th of January, and is hoping to have them in stock by the 24th of this month.
He's even hopeful the company may be able to produce a run of screen-accurate "cloudy white" covers.
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By Kingpin
I'm not aware of any issues with those beyond growing scarcity. I'll send a link of this topic to AJ to see if I can find anything out.

As a point though for future reference, it'd help the staff here get to the bottom of things more quickly to let us know what was missing in your opening post, rather than us having to tweeze the details out over the course of a week.
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By AJ Quick
Absolutely my fault. I had the Clippard valves come in and did not update your order to mark the items as in stock.

As a result everything just sat there and I am not sure if I would have known if you didn't bring it to my attention!

Very sorry about that, they are in the mail today.

I will be working on a process that will help me see immediately if there are orders that are held up in this manner in the future.

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