By Jiminy_Cricket07
Hi Guys,

Newbie here. I'm from London and thinking of spending next Halloween in the U.S. I really want to go to a party as a Ghostbuster and am looking to buy a Spirit Halloween Pack and add a couple of mods (Alice Frame, Ribbon Cable etc.)

My main concern is I don't know how wise it is to check your luggage in with a pack, as I am sure there is potential for it to be mistaken as something sinister, with all the wires and what have you.

Have any of you guys had any experience with this? I am fully expecting the simple solution to be the best one "Just don't risk it"

Thanks guys!
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By Glenn Frederick
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I had this same issue when going to California and I just decided to leave most of my stuff home but if you do bring anything make sure to download pictures with descriptions of everything and have it in your Check-in bag.

If they're suspicious and check your bag there will at least be something for them to know it's a prop.
I highly recommend putting "Prop Replica" on something so they will at least know it's not dangerous!
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By greg883
Yep, done this a lot when hauling several bins of Star Wars costumes and blasters. Especially since most of the blasters are based on actual firearms - Sterling SMG, AR-15, StG44, etc. Plastic, but scary looking.

Grab several pictures from the movie and paste into a document, add "Plastic Movie Prop Replicas" in fairly large type. Print and tape to the inside lid.
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