I recently put together a Particle Beam style for my Proffieboard Neopixel lightsaber and thought it might be something someone wanted to adapt for a Proton Gun. Proffieboard is an open-source soundboard for lightsabers and this saber has a neopixel blade which has individually addressable LED pixels. The Proffieboard allows for a ton of customization in lighting effects.

I'm affectionally calling this style "Don't Cross the Streams" and it features a red and orange main blade with blue accents and an unstable pulse animation along with a flashing white base to mimic the effects in the first Ghostbusters film, in particular the Ballroom scene. Please forgive the sound effects I grabbed a couple of basic sounds to demonstrate, I'm sure your group has much better quality and a wider range of sound effects available.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Ghostbusters "Don't Cross the Streams" Proffieboard Neopixel Style

The video does wash the colors out a bit as the neopixels are very bright, here's a little better look although in person they are more prominent overall even in normal ambient light.

I also put together a Lockup effect (which for lightsabers is triggered by holding the Aux button and clashing the blade) to mimic capturing Slimer, with the tip of the blade turning green with subtle blue ring.
"Don't Cross the Streams" with "Slimer" Lockup Effect

For more info on Proffieboard here's a great resource: https://www.facebook.com/groups/288564715213016/

The style for this effect is available on the open-source sharing thread for anyone running a Proffieboard by chance: http://therebelarmory.com/post/134682/thread
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