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By Kevin Dawe
Hey everyone, I'm new to the boards and have found it a wealth of information in preparing to build my first pack. The master parts list posted ten years ago by Undertaker6x3 was especially helpful, it formed the basis of an excel spreadsheet that I made to help keep things more organized for myself. I'm currently in college with a two month old son so money is a major factor that's gonna slow my build. The plan right now is to buy parts as I can afford them and hopefully finish the build over the course of a few years, which is why I went with a spreadsheet to source and cost all the parts. The original master parts list assumed a scratch build, but I plan to use the GBFans pack body and as many parts from GBFans as possible, so I've altered the list to reflect that.

I also used the assembly instructions for the Anovos kit (available on their website in PDF ... -downloads) as a reference (while also using many reference pictures) for where everything goes, and the "Anovos #" column on my spreadsheet matches each part to the part numbers in the Anovos instructions.

There were a few things I wasn't able to figure out though, parts highlighted in red I couldn't find sources for, and Anovos #s listed as ? I couldn't find where to place them on the pack. The clippard brass elbow on the ion arm, if I'm using that do I only need 2 of the 3 clippard L fittings listed on the master parts list? Is a socket base not used for the hat light next to the vent? The listing for the socket base on the GBFans store says you only need two, but there are 3 hat lights. What is the best way to remove the molded N-Filter on the pack body to replace it with an aluminum one? Where can I find an aluminum thrower body? Are the parts I've listed correct for a GB1 Hero Pack? Have I made any errors at all?

Here's a link to my spreadsheet, hopefully some of you can answer the questions I've had, and I'll update the spreadsheet accordingly, and I hope the work that I've done on this can help some of you too.!AjJbPy4VC03CjShU9Q1o9MWwfa51

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