There are ton of 3D models out there for purchase. With so many to choose from I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

So I’m reaching out to the experts here at GBFans; what is the best, most movie accurate, easy to assemble, designed with durability in mind, 3D model out there. If I’m going to have these professionally printed up in engineering grade polycarb (because I need a cosplay prop they can survive a strike from small meteor, even if I can’t), I’d like to make sure I’m starting with the best commercially available 3D model.
This model provided by The Goon has been the best I've seen so far. Had them printed through Shapeways and the detail absolutely stood up. I just need to source some accurate thumb screws (ones pictured have too small a thread). So far they have been very sturdy, and seem most accurate to the real NVG shell, but I haven't quite been able to put them through their paces yet.




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Oh sorry, mine were just printed with versatile plastic and stand up pretty good. The extra hole on the front of some models is from where the IR camera/light sits, so I just stuck an extra small hat light in mine and wired a small red LED to it. Not accurate in any sense but gives it a little extra flavour.
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